[Mar 20, 2015] FINAL ROUND 18 "It's On Once Again Shawty!" (Atlanta, GA)


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I'll do my best to be there with more french players than NECXV.

For now it's Christmas and I have a present for you big mac :


Coming soon... In FR18 certainly.

Merry Christmas.
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Pretty much every top player in the states has confirmed themselves. Partisan from CANADA, lolo and now Shad confirmed for FR.


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I'm not confirmed yet, I do want to go, I have the vice but is fading away, there´s something missing, like for FR last year, before that all the Thunderdomes started, Xeph vs Omega has been the hypest of all.
If I get an Xbone, I´ll prolly switch to KI, but a list of players going would be nice, I know Xeph, IRM, Hawkeye recently confirmed, Partisan...
But what about Blueboy, Woahhzz, Shad, Keev and LP...


As far as I know...
@GolD ShaD

Are confirmed... among the norm of players who frequent these tournaments. But, as far as top competitors, those I BELIEVE have confirmed themselves.

LP isn't going. I've tried my best to convince him. Woahz informed me he's on the fence about it. We all know this is expected of Woahzz. Pdubs will not be in attendance, and you're on the fence about it as well. Though, I did think you confirmed. Apologies.

Also, I think Reptile is making an appearance. Need the confirmation, though. @Reptile


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Ok, here goes the million dollar question... if i can somehow make FR a last minute thing(most likely bus) i don't know who to talk to to hit up these things really because NE gaming is a bit scattered between 2D games mostly and TTT2, and i don't think i can hitch with the Tekken crew which may be full or taking a plane there...right the question, but if i can do this, would it be ok/possible for a low cost floor spot towards a room spot or perhaps nothing at all so i can pay for my entry fee and my foods?, funds are tight but the soul still burns...any help would be so grateful.

PM or yea...PM since i don't have a FB account.
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