A Soul in the Purgatory
I. Overview & General Strategy
1A) Strategy​
1B) Ring-Out​
1C) Guard Damage​
1D) Throws​

II. Punishment
2A) Taki's Punishment​
2B) Siegfried's Punishment​

III. Stances
3A) Taki's Stances​
- Posession​
- Windroll​
- Stalker​
3B) Siegfried Stance Utilization​

Special Thanks To: Scaramanga (2A, 2B)
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A Soul in the Purgatory

She a ninja.

Ring Out

For having such a short weapon, Taki actually has some fairly impressive forward ring-out range. While her side and reversal ring-out options are (lacking/almost not there/nonexistant?)(citation needed), she's able to get a lot of mileage off of forward ring-out carry. CH WR K

Taki is also able to get over low walls with relative ease thanks to 3BB+K ~ STK A+G, which can get over a low wall even when you're an entire character space away from the wall. As long as your back

The key to successfully defending against Taki's ring out game comes down to three main rules: 1) don't whiff, 2) don't mash, and 3) don't duck. Rules one and two will keep you from eating a TC or counter-hit move that will end with you getting booted out of the ring by something like 3B or anything that combos into 3KK(B+K), and generally after you block these kinds of moves, you will have the frames to push forward with your own assault, or even try for a cheeky 4B reverse ring-out. Because her only forward ring-out that isn't a high or a mid is 1A, rule three will prevent you from making a poor decision and ducking into the mids mentioned earlier; as 1A is reactable, you have plenty of time to duck it and punish her with WR B. In addition, only her back throw can ring out, so there's much less of a need to duck in anticipation of a throw that could end the match instantly.

Guard Damage

Just use 3a4


A+G gives 48 damage and an untechable knockdown. It places the opponent to Taki’s left. On break, you are neutral.
4A+G gives 52 damage and an untechable knockdown. It switches sides with the opponent. On break, you are neutral.
Her left side throw gives 62 damage and an untechable knockdown. It switches sides with the opponent. On break, you are neutral.
Her right side throw gives 62 damage and an untechable knockdown. It switches sides with the opponent. On break, you are neutral.
Her back throw gives 70 damage and a techable knockdown. It switches side with the opponent. This throw is not breakable. This throw can ring-out behind Taki.
66A+G gives 62 damage and an untechable knockdown. It leaves Taki in the same position. On break, you are at -8.

Taki's throw game can be quite annoying for Siegfried. All but her back throw give untechable knockdowns that also leave her very close to you, which allows her to apply okizeme pressure and attempt to keep you in close, which is not where Siegfried wants to be in this match-up. Thankfully, none of her throws wall-splat, and only her back throw will ring you out. In addition, her throw range is shorter than any of her other moves, and thus she needs to be quite close to you in order to throw you. As long as you're able to maintain even a bit of space between yourself and Taki, you won't have to worry too much about her throws.
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A Soul in the Purgatory
Taki's Punishers
i82bA106PO Entrance Possible
i10A:643KNDWRO Entrance Possible
AA16-4Multiple String Enders
i124BA2010PO Entrance Possible
KK202Multiple String Enders; PO Entrance Possible
i14BK376Gives positioning for LH A:6
LH 66B22~LHGives combo opportunities
i12WR BB32-4
4BA2010PO Entrance Possible
i16WR AA266PO Entrance Possible
LH 66B
66K - 40 dmg; A:6 43-71 dmg; (71 on LH)
22_88B - 56 dmg
A+B - 94 dmg, PO B+K 70-126 dmg, (126 on LH)
SC 6A+B 91 dmg

Siegfried's Punishment

AAA- About an i14 gap between hits. B6 or B+K LH SCH B. GI to option select.
AAB- RC. B6, or GI to option select.
AAK- Duck, wrB A:6- iagA. If she goes into stance, use B6 to punish/stuff the stance.
6AA- i13 gap between hits. K, or GI/RE.
6ABBB- Can GI before stabs.
1A- wrB
4AK- Duck, wrB. Can GI/RE between the A and K.

FC 3AK- wrK
WR AAA- iagA. Verticals- BAK- Duck, wrB
BBB- GI between 2nd and 3rd hits.
BK- Duck, wrB. 6BB- 11_77A after first hit. Verify the whiff.
3B- iagA. Whiffs if she goes into stance.
2BA- K, or duck, wrB
2bA- K
1B- wrB
4BA- iagA or duck, wrB. Duck wrB will stuff PO.
wrBB- wrB
9BB- wrB

KKK - Crouch ~ WR B
6KA - K
6KK - Sidestep, whiff punish.
3KKK - GI between first and second hit.
2K- wrK
1KK- Side Walk Right ~ Back Throw; K
FC 3KK - K; Can WR K after first hit to interrupt. Can also sidestep, whiff punish.
9KKK - wrB after second hit.

A+B,A - wrB
a+bA - K
6A+B - Duck, whiff punish.
2A+B - 66A+B. Range dependent.
FC A+B - iagA

22_88B - K
33_66_99K - iagA (!)
22_88K- iagA. iagA will also stuff 22K,B+K, but can be LH by 22K,6[B+K]. B6 will punish and stuff all follow ups.
22_88KA- iagA; 15 frame gap between hits.
Running K - WR B

PO A - iagA. B6 will punish if and stuff anything after A4. +8 on hit and PO A4 PO A will frame trap RE
PO 6A - iagA. Stance will evade.
PO 6BA - iagA
PO KK - wrB [K]- iagA.
PO 6K - Duck, wrB
PO 2_8K - iagA
A+B - Unblockable; 11_77A after she says "Demons" to dodge/punish, or use 4B+K as soon as you see the unblockable charge up.
B+K - Reactable. 8wr, whiff punish (RC)
Wind Roll
WRO BBB - Move, whiff punish. 22_88A is very consistent.
WRO BK - 44A

Distorted Breeze
DB B - iagA
DB KA - iagA

STK A - iagA
STK KA - iagA

Critical Edge - 66[A] after the flash to aGI and punish. B+K into SBH will guarantee SBH K, and has extremely lax timing compared to 66A.
AA,A+B - Large gap between hits. Can B6 after 2nd hit.
AA,A+B,A/a+bA - K
33_66_99AA,A+B - Sidestep, whiff punish.
33_66_99AA,a+bA- K
PO 6BAA - iagA

3B – If blocked, you can get a fairly easy iagA punishment, as it’s -18, giving you a little bit of room for error. However, she can mitigate this by entering Stalker and flipping over you. However, depending on which move she uses, you can still get some punishment off on her, even after whiffing iagA. For more information on punishing 3B into Stalker, see 3A - Stalker
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A Soul in the Purgatory

Taki's Stances


Possession is a stance that is suited for continuing pressure after punishing something, using one move out of the stance, and then getting out of it. Though she can force a mixup in certain situations after entering on block, and can even get a Lethal Hit for guessing right (PO B+K). It is ill-suited for maintaining pressure after entering stance on block because of Siegfried's many evasive moves and his own stance shifts.

Move NameGuardHitCounterNotes
214---Manual stance transition
WR AA4-266
BT BA4-266
KK4-5???3???3???CHECK ME
6A+B4-3???-3???-3???CHECK ME
6a+b4---Move cancelled into stance
WRO 4---Special movement ends in stance
DB 4---Special movement ends in stance
STK 2*8 4---Special movement ends in stance
B+G4---Move cancelled into stance
RE AA4???
SC AAa+bA4???
SC 6A+B4???
SC 6a+b4???
SC 66AAa+bA4

PO A is an i12 horizontal that, while low damage, gives a stun on counter that guarantees combos for Taki. Thus, they will use this when they want to call out your step, or when they want to catch you pressing buttons - probably in order to combo you into a wall or ring-out.

Blocking PO A allows you to force her out of the stance. Though -16 on block, PO A4 puts her back into stance and gives her an opportunity to continue to mix you up. Unfortunately for her, the mix-up is heavily in your favor. This is because of a(B) and B6.

B6 beats any of her options out of stance, while also punishing her. If you're in Soul Charge, B6B will give a nice combo as well. However, if you wish to gamble a bit in the hopes of getting a bit more damage, a(B) is your answer:

Ga(B) blocked, SBH mix-upN/A
PO A*A4a(B) beats it
PO 6Aa(B) beats it
PO B+Ka(B) whiffs, then 2*8B+K to SCH to avoid PO B+K; BT SCH B is guaranteed
PO 2*8ABoth moves whiff; SBH B is guaranteed
PO 2*8BYou eat the move

PO 6A is similar to

PO B puts her at +4, and is fairly fast at i22, but if you’re looking for the lightning effect and are ready to sidestep, you’ll be able to punish with 11*77A because she has insanely long recovery on whiff.

PO bA is her fastest move out of PO, and also safe on block.

PO 6BA is iagA punishable. You’re not given a Lethal Hit if she goes back into stance with PO 6BA, unfortunately, but she [TEST IF NEUTRAL PO CAUSES IAGA TO WHIFF]

PO K is -16, and its only “follow-ups” are just attack throws that can only activate on hit.


PO A+B is a fairly slow, short ranged unblockble. Even from point blank, you’re able to 4B+K into SSH or just 44A on reaction. If your back is to the wall, you have to be fast on mashing out something quick, like B6 or K.

PO B+K is an evasive option that is actually a bit more difficult to get around than it appears. It will cause moves like 3(B) to whiff, and if it hits you after you whiffed, will Lethal Hit for a guaranteed XX damage. It’s also quite difficult to step, either to the side or backwards, and even if you are able to sidestep it, she moves forward so much that punishers like 44A or agA will whiff, and 3(B) hits at tip for middling damage. Instead, calling her out and doing 44(B) preemptively guarantees SBH B for 68 damage. (CHECK THIUS)

PO A+G and 6A+G are both forward breaks. 6A+G will leave her at greater plus frames on break, so that’s usually the one they’ll do. You can’t really react to them, so preemptively using 3B, 6B, or WR B will work, or you can use 44(B) to jump over her throw while also beating PO B+K.

Wind Roll

Wind Roll is more of a special movement more than a stance; however, because it gives access to special moves only available through Wind Roll, and because all of her special movements and Possession can be transitioned into each other, it is listed here.




WRO K is a long reaching, linear kick. It’s -12 on block, so you can almost always get a K punish. Generally you will only see Taki players use this at the end of a combo in order to ring you out, but it can also be used to hit opponents that are further away from her, or also (((in order to challenge highs and lows because of its simultaneous TC and TJ properties)))(citation needed). Keep in mind that it is a high, despite the fact the animation looks to be hitting mid, so any of your tech crouches will be able to hit her out of it - (((6BB giving both hits if you hit her during her TJ frames)))(citation needed).

Distorted Breeze

DB K6(B+K)
DB K2*8B+K ~ DB
DB 4 ~ PO


Stalker, similar to Wind Roll, is yet another special movement Taki has, this time being an evasive flip over the opponent, or to the sides.

3BB+K > G = No punishment possible, (((((no tangible advantage to either character)))
3BB+K > Stalker A = Whiff iagA, then turn around and punish with another iagA
3BB+K > Stalker B / KA / K4 / A+G = Whiff iagA, then turn around and Back Throw or BT B+K ~ BT SCH B is guaranteed
3BB+K > Stalker K = Whiff iagA, then XXXXX is guaranteed

In order to punish 3BB+K into an empty stalker, [[[ figure out what you have to do ]]]. Of course, this is beaten by any of the other options, including just doing 3B with no Stalker entrance.

Siegfried's Stance Utilization

SCH is pretty tuff
SSH ain't bad
SRSH is a bit less risky
SBH stand aside
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