[MATCH-UP] Voldo

Voldo's 4B,A,A Can be ducked on the second hit and punished with rising B, even if he cancels after the first hit you still get the launcher into K(BE).

Voldo's 6A,B,A is easier than it seems to get around. You JG the second hit of the string and Hit B+K for the auto GI. But be careful, if your opponent doesn't go through with the full string you can be punished easily.

Voldo's BT or BS 6B,K if the first hit is blocked can be hit with WR ,B or CE for massive damage. However if the cancel the K then you have to punish with WR K.

Voldo's 3B,B Can be sidestepped or JG on the second hit.

Voldo's WR B can be punished with B6.

JG the second hit of Voldo's 2B,B and punish with 66K(BE)

Duck the guard break on Voldos BT 8K,A and punish with WR ,B

Voldo's 236B,B can be easily JG and punished especially if you see the same string coming after his A+B.

Both the gaurd break and unblockable version of Voldos FC 3A+B will not hit you if you crouch, so a WR punish is in order.

Voldo's BT 88B,K the K (Booty bump) can be easily JG and punished.

Voldo's WR A,A or 236 A,A can be punished with 66K(BE).