[MATCH-UP] Yoshimitsu

Punish his 3Ab By JG the second hit and attacking with 66K(BE). Doing this eliminates the pressure from this move, it will punish his 3Ab and interrupt it before the brave edge can come out.

Yoshi's 66B+K,A+B,B+K can be interrupted if you JG the second hit of the string. Punish with 3{B}. You'll most likely get the counter SCH B unless he cancels in which case you should follow up with the K(BE) combo.

Yoshi's 44K,B is easy to JG and can be punished with 66K(BE).

Yoshis 44B,A as long as its not hitting you can be interrupted with 6B AFTER backstepping, don't ram your head into the blade windmill. Even if it is canceled early you still have good push back with 6B. If you have another way around it do so, this is he only way I could find.

Yoshi's infamous 6K,K Can you say easy? Just 3K directly after his 6K and you will interrupt it regardless of whether he only does 6K or 6K,K.

Yoshi's A+B is A gaurd break which gives him a free 6K. Duck it. Simple.
*** This is a little trickier to avoid. After Yoshi's 3B most decent players will go for the aB+K (just frame move) If this hits you, one of 3 things will happen.

1. They will immediately 8A+B,2G. (flying unblockable.) To avoid this you have to stay on the ground, don't Roll, ukemi, or hold G. If you do you will be hit. (Unless you can ukemi JG it which is difficult)

2. They will 66A+B if you don't ukemi this will hit you.

3. Refer to #1 If they delay the unblockable by even a fraction of a second you will be hit on the ground. The only way out of this is to ukemi JG.

How do you know which one your opponent will do? Well, the answer is simple. Guess. Don't like it? Then you will have to learn to Ukemi JG.

Lastly be wary of Yoshi's 4K,B the unblockable delay is a huge mind game. But I have good news! 88A and 88B can sidestep/punish the second hit and your home free. :)

As a rule spacing is the best tactic for general defense against Yoshi players, most are very aggressive. Use this to your advantage.
I quite like Sieg as a counterpick to Yoshi, he seems to space him out pretty well.

As Deitous mentioned, JG is a solid answer to 3AB but it can be difficult since the second hit is delayable so it's probably worth knowing that if you don't JG the string, you can always step the BE with 2214A or 8874A (in other words, sidestep and whiff punish with 44A).

All three attacks from MED can be interrupted by 3B.

If you expect a random iMCF, beat it with backstep into 3B. If you guessed wrong and he blocked the 3B, thanks to the backstep you should be at a range where you can now backstep while in SCH to avoid most of his attacks such as 214A (which a lot of Yoshi players use in response to 3B even though it's SBHable)