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Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"

Welcome to the Maxi Soul Arena​

Here you will find a wealth of information pertaining specifically to our favorite nunchuck swinger. Here you will find the paths you need to get your strats down to compete with the big boys.​

Here is a list of all the information & strategy threads available in the Maxi Soul Arena:​

Maxi Specific Notations:​
RO...Right Outer​
RC...Right Cross​
BL...Behind Lower​
LI...Left Inner​
LO...Left Outer​
WL...Wavering Light​
PSL...Pure Soul Loop​
all other notations are the same as the other characters and a helpful tutorial video can be found here or and more expanded explaination can be found here
A very helpful stance flow chart and be located a few posts below. Made by SendMaster.​

In case you havent noticed. Im the SC5 Maxi Soul Arena Moderator. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to hit me up.
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Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
Attention Posters: As the transition from SC4 to SC5 occurs, we will be overhauling the Soul Arenas to their intended purpose; which is a conveyance of information related to GAMEPLAY aspects of the characters. Story, aesthetic, wishlist, speculation or CaS related information for the characters belongs in their respective forums, and will be moved to the appropriate places by moderators (with some exceptions, see below).

In addition to the normal site rules (Found Here), a few special rules apply to the Soul Arenas.

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
Made by: SendMaster

Low Resolution (png format)

High Resolution (tiff format)
PDF File
Source File (MindNode Pro) [mac]
Stances - Black box
Combination Button - Light Grey box
Vertical - Green box
Horizontal - Orange box
Kicks - Blue Box
A - (rgb: 255,128, 0)
B - (rgb: 195, 230, 64)
K - (rgb: 195, 95, 250)
lower case are light attacks
wr - while rising
wc - while crouching
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