Maxi Frame Data Research


[14] Master
6A+B BE is +12 on block into LI. (i13 2A trades with i25 LI B)
LI B is -5 on block into LI. (i20 BBB trades with i15 LI A)
LI (B) is +16 into LI. (Nightmare's i39 66A+B trades with i55 LI (B))
66B is -8 on block into LI. (i23 66B trades with i15 LI A BE and clashes with LI A, i24 66A+B loses to i15 LI A)
RC A BE is +14 into LI. (Leixia's i11 AA trades with i25 LI B)
RO B is -8 into RC. (Asta's i27 8A trades with i19 RC A)

The wiki listed the amount of frames it takes to cancel each stance entrance into guard, but I amended the values to have the stance entrance frames listed in the wiki as is standard. Just to keep records, when the moves are cancelled into block they are:
6A+B BE: -38
LI B: -66
LI (B): -35
66B: -50
RC AB BE: -36
RO B: -25

The frames on 22B/22(B)/11A might also need to be looked over, but I'm not sure.