[May 16, 2015] Soul Legacy 2: A SC5 Tournament: Arcade Legacy: Cincinnati,... (Cincinnati, OH)


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What's up everyone!? This is Sluch. I was posting up to let people know that on Saturday of May 16th, 2015, there will be the second iteration of Soul Legacy, a Soul Calibur 5 tournament at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is the info for the tournament:

The Tournament Format & Rules :
> Double Elimination
>70%, 20%, & 10% pot split for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places respectively
> Tournament will be played on the PS3 console & Asus monitors, or monitors/tvs of equal caliber
> No custom characters
> No Viola Back Throw Infinite
> 3 out of 5 rounds per match
> All sets will be best of 3 out of 5 matches for the whole tournament

Other Important Details About the Tournament:
> Venue fee will be $10
> Venue fee includes unlimited access to all arcade games & console setups inside of AL
> Entry fee for SC5 tournament will be $10
> Tournament will start at 4 pm EST
> Tournament will be held inside of Arcade Legacy
> Arcade Legacy opens it's doors at 12 pm EST on Saturday, & closes at 1 am EST that day

If anyone needs info about Arcade Legacy or interested in checking out their website, the following link will help with that:


Definitely look forward to seeing everyone there for the second iteration of this event. If you have any questions, & can possibly provide extra PS3 systems, monitors, & copies of SC5, let me know. I'll be more than happy to help answer questions, & be appreciative of any help that can be provided. Thank you once again & let's get hype for some Soul Calibur 5 at AL.


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Big thanks to everyone that came out & supported Soul Legacy 2 today at AL. I'll be making a post in the Tournament Aftermath section with the SC5 tourney results for the event.