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Hello. NamuSkull here. As you can see, I'm very noobish at capturing pics to show off my fashion in Soul Calibur. So please bear with the horrible cellphone pics.

Update from 1/7/2012: Majority of my postings on CAS so the pics are in spoilers. Click to see them. Starting from page 1, you will see how I improve and experiment with many CAS while having a few with fangasm and ramblings of why they're made lol.

*Update from 5/10/2012. Start on page 25 to see SCV CAS experiments.

*Update from 6/23/2013. Start on page 43 to see the recent SCV experiments.

*Update from 4/24/2014. I made a post of final stuff for CAS as I won't be around.

*Update 7/24/2019 page 51 begins SCVI CAS.
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Yun Seong as the green power ranger....

Click one of two spoilers to find the treasure chest of my SCIV originals.....

Rei Hayashi
Hails from: Japan
Race: Asian
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Favorite color: Red
Likes: Strawberries, fighting, travelling, cooking, and her family.
Dislikes: Jerks, killing, and bugs.
Gist: The typical cliche character. Young girl with a passion for fighting yet doesn't like to kill. Particularly nice and noble but can be a bit stuck-up if someone treats her harshly. She asked and left her family to join the Manjitou just to satisfy her fighting nature.
Weapon styles she wields: Yoshimitsu, Mitsurugi, or Seong Mi-na.

Arnora Frigard
Hails from: Norway
Race: White
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Favorite color: Blue
Likes: Power and winning at any cost.
Dislikes: Weaknesses and losing.
Gist: She is a harshly blunt, arrogant, condescending viking lady who loves a good fight and will respect her opponent no matter how the fight went. But that's only if you defeat her. Yet many men will try to hit on her which she in return just provokes them with anger so she can defeat her enraged foe by staying calm and collected while being a jerk. Her hobbies tend to be living the farmer's life quietly when not fighting.
Weapon styles she wields: Seong Mi-na or Sophitia.

Deming Lin
Hails from: China
Race: Asian
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Favorite color: Green
Likes: Liang, fighting, and food.
Dislikes: Weak willed people and cowards.
Gist: He's competitive, blunt, confident, and is a bit hot-headed. Back in China, he was an exceptional fighter that won a good amount of tournaments. However, Liang defeated him in a championship match in China once. As a result, he made Liang his rival which soon evolved into a friendly buddy to spar with. Basically, he sees him like an elder brother. They both are travelers that want to prove that China has great fighters. They are currently in europe to prove it...
Weapon styles he wields: Yun Seong or Maxi

Mi-sun Yi
Hails from: Initially Korea, but grew up in Ming empire
Race: Asian
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Favorite color: Pink
Likes: Longs to see her parents back in Korea.
Dislikes: Emperor of Ming empire and war.
She is a daughter of a Korean father whose a soldier that infiltrated Ming empire to find a Soul Edge fragment. The mother is a Chinese concubine who happened to be captured to be used as a hostage once Mi-sun's father was caught red-handed stealing the shard. At first, they were rather hostile to each other. But later after a few months leaving Ming empire and making it back to Korea, they fell in love. Thus, Mi-sun Yi was conceived and they planned to get married.....until their affair was found out by soldiers that supposedly said they're from Korea. Mi-sun's mother begged them not to kill her while Mi-sun's father valiantly fought his way to save his love and child. Little did Mi-sun's father knew, the soldiers from Korea were using him to get the shard. Because, they wanted to infuse it with a sword built for the emperor for they were actually spies from the Ming empire this whole time. Basically, Mi-sun's father was a set-up from their corrupt scheme. The soldiers decide to take the newly born Mi-sun away to spare Mi-sun's father and his love as their way of mercy. Mi-sun's father was enraged and tried to pursue them back to Ming empire, but was too tired to go on after brawling with them. As a result, Mi-sun's father and mother are saddened to lose their child. Years pass and what they're doing now is a mystery.....
The info on the top is fanfic intro....
As for Mi-sun Yi, she grew up in the Ming empire and was looked after as a concubine at first. But she later showed great demonstration of her skill in the Halberd, Spear, and bo-staff which made the emperor transfer her into the infantry to become a soldier as a "special case". She's to serve the old geezer in any way possible. Even allowing the poor girl to allow him to touch her in a way she detests. But the emperor has absolute power over her and uses the dirtiest blackmail trick ever. He says, "serve me well, and I may let you see your father and mother." Mi-sun Yi is a tragic heroine because she's just powerless against that......
Weapon styles she wields: Hilde or Seong Mi-na

Liang Meng
Hails from: China
Race: Asian
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Favorite color: Orange
Likes: His family back in China, Deming, posh acessories, and fighting.
Dislikes: Spoiled fools who don't appreciate what they have.
Gist: Liang is a wise, calm guy with a passion for fighting. He is Deming's rival and buddy who wish to show the world that China is the best. While Deming is hot-headed, Liang is more cool headed and wise to know his strengths and weaknesses. The reason why he took up fencing despite being impeccable at wielding a bo-staff, was because he finds it fascinating. He even wears a silly accessories that come from Europe as he likes to show how "posh and enthusiastic" he is for fencing. Deming thinks it's silly.....
Weapon styles he wields: Raphael or Kilik.

Claudas Roux
Hails from: France
Race: White
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Favorite color: Gold
Likes: Money, power, fame, winning, and pretty ladies.
Dislikes: The opposite.
Gist: This young man is an orphan that was born into poverty. Despite being unfortunate by not having what everyone has(food, water, etc.), he stole to survive. Guards want to stop him and punish his misdeeds, but Claudas was a skilled thief that knew how to get around. Sooner or later, he became known as the "shadow thief" which made him get cocky since he likes what he's being called. One day however, he was caught by a knight when he was stealing for food. Claudas tried to incapacitate him, but a thief's skill in combat can only take him so far.

The knight defeated Claudas with not much problems and instead of ending his life, he decides to raise the thief in the right direction. Basically, he became his foster father. The reason was, he saw how desperate and determined Claudas was fighting for his pride; despite losing to him in a battle. Thus, he respects valiant fighters. As many years pass, the knight raises Claudas to be a strong and chivalrous knight. At age 17, Claudas decided to travel to see what world has for him. The foster knight father gives him his blessings and Claudas leaves to get his name engraved in history.....
Weapon styles he wields: Rock, Astaroth, Siegfried, Nightmare, and Zasalamel.

Hails from: Kenya
Race: Black
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Favorite color: Purple
Likes: Bootlickers and weaklings who grovel at her feet. Otherwise, she's a corrupt woman.
Dislikes: Losing.
Gist: Fujo was an innocent child born from rape. This is nothing new in Kenya. The typical reason of how she was born? Horny yet abusive Dad quarrels with her mom about wanting to have sex with her. Dad severely hurts mom. Dad leaves mom to die. Mom survives and gets medical assistance, but soon dies after giving birth to Fujo. Fujo being unfortunate without a mom and dad, is found by assassins who masquerade as priests who raise an orphanage. The orphanage however is corrupt to the core with assassins. Fujo ends up growing up the wrong way. She is now proficient with assassin skills as a result.

What made Fujo travel is the fact that she had to assassinate people from other places for money. Or else she'll be poor. She does these tasks with no hesitation. Of course one day, she made the wrong move to try and assassinate Zasalamel who killed her with no problem.

But Zasalamel decided to revive her and use her like a pawn by helping her learn some sorcery and sending her out to help his bidding. So basically, she now lives to help Zasalamel while doing what she pleases.....

Weapon styles she wields: Particularly she wields sorcery now. The best styles for her would be Ivy, ZWEI, and Viola for instance.



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These are great, and I love the mini storytelling bit! I find that you tend to use the same types of color combonations I sometimes do, which isn't a bad thing!


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Nah, I use them a lot actually. When it comes to customs, I'm particularly simple. Red, White, and Black are generally easy colors to play with.
Anyways, Pocky Yoshi is an unofficial "mascot" of 8way as I humbly call it. In a sense, he's supposed to be as simpleminded and mischievous like a little prankster child. But, he's generally as harmless as a puppy and just wants to play while hitting on girls having fun. In fact, I actually want to steal someone's custom and make a silly scandal out of it for next post of customs. Tee-hee!


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These next few customs will be a 'simpleton fetish-some' kind. Pocky Yoshi warns you.

These four first customs will be based on pokemon colors.

Without further ado, Here's 'Mudkipz Yun' and Azurill Talim