Mi-na has secrets?!


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It is I, NamuSkull(aka Pocky Yoshi).
Today I'm merely wondering if Mi-na has any secret moves.
Such as: Moves not listed in the command list, Just frame moves, etc.
The reason why I'm asking this, is because Mi-na is my other main besides Yoshi.
And I'd like to be able to do all of Mi-na's moves. Plus, I like her >.<".
So can anyone share some info on her? I'd appreciate it very much.



[11] Champion
She has a bugged 1BA input. But it only works after they're KOd, so meh.

I remember in SC3 when she could GI in the air. Mina has been a weird character for a while.


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33k:b nc would be great. I don't think you can combo anything off a normal 33kb anyway, so it wouldn't be too strong.


[09] Warrior
Page is correct in saying that 33KB on NH (or even CH, as its not even NCC) provides nothing. In a stun combo, it offers a mini juggle + mixup afterwards. The 4KB you used in your video, has to be a CH. Otherwise the B can (and will) be blocked;


[09] Warrior
Can't you actually combo another 33KB (if timed right) for the oki if it manages to land nh? That might only be if the B hits CH though...


[09] Warrior
Maybe time for a Mi-Na Make-A-Move Contest???
If 33K:B were to be a JF in SC5 I would like to see 6AK as a combo or something...


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It only works if people try to roll - continuously. I'm sure Paranormal_Oreo knows this already since he put it in his "Impractical Combos" video.

But I'm sure you'll try to insist that there's some sort of practical use for it anyway, like with that whole 9A+B fiasco.


[12] Conqueror
Nice found.
I haven't tried it. Does it only work on BT or specific character?

It works on a lot of weird angles. I did it to the back to get more hits off of it but it works on other angles as well. Usually to the side or back. I did it on a big custom character because it has a higher chance of working. I think it works on every character but is much harder to get the perfect angle on some characters more than others. I also could have started with CH 4K, B for more damage but, it is SO hard for me to get a perfect for more than 2 33_99K, Bs.


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Paranormal_Orea, I tried it. Yea. The angle of this combo is so specific and it must be set on BT CH. However, it doesn't work on some specific characters such as IVY, Xianghua, Vader, Nightmare, Raphael, Lizardman, Astaroth, Maxi....
On some characters, I can do five 33KBs in maximum. It is weird. I haven't tried it against wall. Anyway, it is interesting to see this weird combo exists. XD Thank you.

InsaneKhent, it is an impractical combo against specific characters without involving roll; it is not a mix-up. (BT)(CH)(Specific Characters)66KKK->6B+K->33KB->33KB................ (I will not try to insist it on practical use because it said impractical.)
Believe it or not. 9A+B is not a complete useless move.
Anyway, I was not telling people to abuse 9A+B or 9A+B is a god move. I just told people that how to apply a regular strategy on 9A+B and make it more useful when there was no strategy for it. You just misunderstood what I said.