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Dec 1, 2013
Dec 12, 2008
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Dec 1, 2013
    1. Reptile
      Where have you been, man?
      1. krazySyko
        Just playing other things, finished school a few weeks ago, etc. I should play again though. Actually got third at a local last weekend despite not having played much, but unfortunately game's dying in my area and will probably be dead once September's here (TTT2 hits).

        You been good? Any plans hit some offline tourneys anytime soon?
        May 27, 2012
      2. Reptile
        Actually I'm going to MAT next weekend in Montreal. Hopefully I can get some casuals in before the tournament my account turned silver for a month and me pretty rusty at the same time. It's also on PS3 we'll see how that goes.
        May 27, 2012
    2. GreatOne1939
      Hey I appreciate it bruh.
    3. IvyC_C
    4. Pocky-Yoshi
      [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][I]Let's do more Mi-na mirrors(fashion shows) sometime. xD[/I][/COLOR]
    5. Tseuee
      hey, would like to play gainst you in person, if not Arnidrake and Tseuee are my XBL names and Tseuee is my PSN name
    6. Pocky-Yoshi
      [COLOR="Cyan"]Sounds good. I'll try to make time to fight you and a few other X-box people.
      And yesh, I have a mic. But, I tend to get nervous when using it lol.[/COLOR]
    7. kikoshoo
      Ok. I'll try to be on tonight at 10pm or so, Pacific time. You're on Eastern time? I hope we get good connection.
    8. kikoshoo
      hey. I'll try to be on tonight about 10pm or later, if you can be on. Let's play tonight coz I might be busy until Thursday. xbl: kikoushou.
    9. Enkindu
      I said I would try to get home on tuesday at 4pm, but I didn't get home until 11pm though. I signed on and saw you had signed off like 30 mins prior. The brackets were updated with a coin flip earlier in the day. I had sent you a message a few days before all that, and didn't get a response for a day at least. We only have 2 days to complete each round. Our match went well over that. I don't know. I didn't want to win like that either. I get tired of waiting days on end to complete a match that takes 5-10 minutes. I saw the other guy was online, and so we did the match.
    10. coroso4
      Dammit, completely forgot about this. If you think it's too late, I can just forfeit. I don't really care, I'm losing interest in Soul Cal IV :( I would lose anyways...
      Just message me what you want to do. (soon)
    11. Stic6585
      Hey krazy, I'm a Mina player as well, I want to main her but I kinda need some help with combos and strategies. I sent you a request on xbl so sometime we might be able to play.
    12. scha
      hey--i think we played on XBL the other day. not sure who won; i remember a match on the ship stage, and then you switching to whatever the bonus character version of mi-na is, i think? i was the 6bb/2b+k whore; scha1024. play again sometime?
    13. A_Flying_Turnip
      No worries, I am sure we can find time to play someday. Although, I am getting busy with my job searching now, so I may not be online quite as much this month, but I will still be online periodically.
    14. Pocky-Yoshi
      [COLOR="Magenta"]When I send a friend request to you over live, you'll know its go time.
    15. Pocky-Yoshi
      [COLOR="Magenta"]Yesh indeedy.
      I got live but I need to get it renewed.
      BTW, its a pleasure to meet a fellow Mi-na player like you.
      They're hard to find on PSN lol.[/COLOR]
    16. ShenOu
      O.O Thanks for the wish! :)
    17. Milliarde
      Alright, that sounds good. Just tell me whenever you want to play. :]
    18. Milliarde
      That'd be cool, I'm not that amazing though, haha. I'll be on later tonight and tomorrow if you're up for it. :]
    19. MissingPerson
      Sure, I could be up for that.
    20. jrwr7
      Hey Krazy,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.
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