Mina "Air Throw" glitch?


[08] Mercenary
So I picked up Mina today, after getting a bit burned out on Kilik...started practicing combos, and I stumbled upon something rather peculiar..

If its really too grainy, its:

Don't get too excited cause the throw attempt is avoidable in a wacky nonsensical way..
It whiffs when the opp is neutral or holding 2G being "crouched"
It connects when G is pressed anytime before actually on the ground, including the ukemi timing (in this case sometimes a side throw comes out)

I'm kind of conflicted on whether this is a glitch or not, any 33KB combo ender that does that air ragdoll flop thing isn't ukemi techable, so the only recovery options are stay grounded and hi/low guard. 2 of those already reflect correctly on evading the throw even if looks as if youre still airborne, and its just so awfully convenient that the victim drops at Mina's feet..I'm new to Mina but I'm understanding she has great ways to punish grounded/crouching too. Looks like a prime quasi tech trap situation to my naive eyes :P

I dont know if this can turn out to be too worthwhile but just hoping to bring some icing to Mina's sad little cake here :D


[09] Warrior
this is (not to sure) something that was possibly overlooked by Bamco. Is possible for you to also throw Kilik out of Monument unblockable. I've throw Sophi out of her's. Seems like when your feet hit the ground you can be thrown.


[08] Mercenary
Khent I didnt mean to imply this is the only combo that works this way,
Ive found it also works on the other stun combos
-tip range CH 3A (delay til side is turned) 33KB > mixup
-char length away CH BB 3KK 33KB > mixup
-CH 66KKK 6B+K 33KB > mixup

off a Auto GI 4KB is possible but it has issues.. if youre close enough where the K will hit, the B is blockable, and if the K whiffs the B is re-GIable. so JI is the only surefire way to get it off that way. eech.

kind of discouraging to have to work with situational/range-dependent CH combo starters to get to this stuff..

It should work with wall combos that go into the stuns, havent tested them all though

WS K on any hit
its a bit different, you have to time throws with the moment they hit the ground, too early will whiff and too late and they tech crouch for the getting up animation. done right the animation will skip a little into your grab, unless of course theyre crouching/grounded. the 33KB trick wont work with it unfortunately.


[09] Warrior
It should work with wall combos that go into the stuns, havent tested them all though

It does, but getting the 3KB to hit is very inconsistent. Doing stuff into walls tend to push the opp off axis a lot, causing the 3KB miss every now and then.


[08] Mercenary
Holy hell. Good find.

xclamation had the right idea (minus the 33KB loop) back in September it seems, lol
-4KB horizontal auto-gi. B is delayable and can be mixed up with throw or 2K. the B also tracks suprisingly well. if B hits, 3KK 33KB (2K is guranteed, BUT... if you dont do it and they tech, mix up 1_3A+B, 3B, throw, and 66_44A+B)

I guess it just wasn't known just how early opponents were actually technically teching?

It gets weird though..2K IS guaranteed and its not due to opponents not ducking which i was curious about, but a 2K would hit later on the fall than if it were a throw or at the point where 33KB could be blocked..I'm baffled!

As for the mixup I'd add 2B+K since its not as readable as 66A+B, and 3B wont launch from that close, anything you can do that would also cover grounded would suffer from diminishing returns, plus we keep the guessing game goin if it connects on crouch or CH:
6K will launch on normal, back or foward techs, and do a bit of damage to the others,
alternatively theres the breakable 1_3A+B that would handle side tech better,

Im sure after feeling either one your victim would rather take the 33KB/throw guessing game subsequently.

As Kvalsternacka noticed the wall combos are somewhat unreliable unfortunately, being picky about angles, usually needing to be perpendicular in order for 33KB to connect.
here are some of the more sturdy ones, putting in 4KB seems to grant some stability
3B Wall 6A+B Wall 4KB 3KK 33KB - ~77
CH WS B Wall 6A+B Wall 4KB 3KK 33KB - ~89
3bK Wall 66KKK 6B+K 33KB - ~64
3bK Wall 3KK 33KB - ~64
8A+B Wall 3KK 33KB - ~59
6K Wall 3KK 33KB - ~62
A+B Wall 4KB 3KK 33KB - ~87

+0-91 damage depending on how well you work your opponent >=)

Another note, CH BB is a breakable stun, whoops.


[10] Knight
I wouldn't call the throw a glitch at all, this sort of wake up - where opponent stands straight up by pressing G - can be found on other moves too, asta's 22B or sophie 9K when hitting airborne opponents for example. The difference here is you have good frame advantage and better spacing when they stand up so the grab looks like it hits them from the air or fumbling on the ground or the like.