Mina vs Ivy

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Noticed that matchup tends to get me raped online. What am I supposed to do? It seems that Mina plays right into Ivy's hands since Ivy is better at keepout, and Mina isn't a rusher at all.


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I have no idea how Ivy plays now honestly. However, I imagine that you should be able to outpoke her at range using 66B and FC1B.


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I use FC1B a lot, and if for some ungodly reason Mina ends up close to Ivy, I mix 1B,B // 4A (but mostly 1B,B) and if the other player is not too into the match, I sometimes use 9A+B, then G, which if the Ivy player goes into a "ZOMG fire attack!!" state for a second before he tries to punish you, lands you someplace far from her.

Oh, and if you're side stepping, I recommend trying 4A,A once in a while, it seems to work for me.

I only play offline however (hence it's easier for me to see if the other guy is too into the match or not). I hope I'm able to at least play a few matches online to know the online level. I believe my Mina will get her rear end slashed back and forth. Not that I expect to win always -or half the battles for that matter- while trying to fully learn Mina.


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I know next to zilch about Mina, but from what I've seen with the better Mina players, she does the best against Ivy if she's in midrange.

Try to catch Ivy in this range out of stance; that is, if Ivy's in SW/WP, you should probably be in Mina's max range. If Ivy's in CL, watch for her 6B, 214B, 1BB+K, BB among other things.

Also, most of Ivy's moves that can hit at Mina's max range are linear, so step G is your friend. (watch out for CH WP 3A though)

Overall, I can imagine this being a tough matchup. I recommend just going through Ivy's movelist and see what she can use against you.
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