Mitsurugi possible buffs?


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Hello folks,

I'm noticing that there is no single Mitsurugi appearing on top tournaments. No single major. Is SC6 a top competitive character?

After a month and a half of playing, I just noticed he could have some improvements.

I think RLC B, MST 6B and 4K.B push the opponent too far from him. Since he is a close range mind game character, I think it's bad for him.

For example, Ivy Whip attacks push opponent far from her, which is good for her gameplay.

Also, I think RCL B and MST 6B must have guaranted combo (hiting as Ukemi trap if the opponent tries do rise) with 1A, like the way it was on SC4. I think it's frustrating, specially considering 1A doesn't KDN anymore.

And, I think MST K.B should have natural combo (causing stun only on counter). I can't see why they changed this property.

What do you guys think?
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Fix him constantly facing and attacking the wrong way when the opponent is slightly off axis.
Fix his moves going through people that are standing still.


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Mitsurugi is my main but when I play Siegfried or Kilik and see how well I’m doing with them compared to him, can’t help but believe that he is a very weak character.
His mobility isn’t as good as SCII~CSIV.
His Oki game is weak if non existent. Lost some of his great moves to retaliate against fast characters like X or Talim. Lots of his moves wifs when they should hit. And worse than that, lots of time he ends up exposing his back to the opponent. Not to mention he doesn’t have great punishing moves.
He is simply garbage now. And for those who say he is good and utter words like get gud, I don’t know what type of competitive scene you’re in, but here in Japan most players are monsters to play against.


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I feel like his 1BB buff helped him out tremendously.
Talking about Talim, X and Taki... Since I'm new:
Is it best to abandon any Relic pressure against them? Feels like I'm flat out beaten by everything if those characters contest me with buttons on that one.