Monster Hunter World


Shining Sea Dragon
Apparently, this entry into the Monster Hunter series has been enjoying the most mainstream success.

Does anyone who's on here play it?


[09] Warrior
I've been playing it, currently HR 49 need to kill a Kirin to climb more. It's a lot of fun, looks amazing, and had a lot of little things streamlined to make it less of a hassle to play than other entries.


Shining Sea Dragon

This theme from the Rotten Vale is quite popular with the Monster Hunter community.

I swear this theme wouldn't sound out of place in a Soulcalibur game...

...and it plays in an environment that wouldn't look out of place in a Mortal Kombat game, being an animal graveyard of bones and rotting flesh.


[14] Master
Currently into it. I use a bow, but also getting into Hunting Horn. It's addictive.

I just wish I can change my hunter's name...


[13] Hero
Man even to this day I'm still playing Monster Hunter Icebourne as Cervantes with dual blades.

The pirate needs a different hobby aside from pirating souls.