More Computer Problems

Okay, so I got an HD video camcorder for Christmas. Yay.

The bad news is the camera stores all the videos I take as AVI files.

When I try to play the videos, I only get audio, no video.

Apparently, the Windows Media Player, the Veoh player, the Divx player, and the Xvid player are all missing the needed codec.

Windows Media Player tells me I need an "intel [numbers]" codec to play the video.

So, I go and install the K-lite mega and basic codec pack. They both result in the "Setup Files are corrupt" error message. However, Veoh tells me where I can download a trusted codec pack, and I do so. I download the "Media Player Codec Pack" from, which supposedly supports both 32-bit and 64-bit formats, and then nothing would play. No audio, no video. The players wouldn't even buffer the file, just stay on a black screen.

I uninstalled the codec pack and now the players are back to playing only audio.

I've googled many, many times to try and fix this myself. Sadly, google has failed me.

Does anyone have a clue as to how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.


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no idea how to fix your problem but with AVI files i alwasy use VLC player. it plays almost every format and its free.


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Yea, VLC is probably your best bet when it comes to obscure video encodings. That sucker is a beast.
THANK YOU! I just downloaded the VLC player. And it plays the videos. Unfortunately, the videos are HUGE! But I believe I can fix that by recording in a smaller resolution.

Also, how am I supposed to edit my videos with windows movie maker? Does the VLC player have some kind of editing tool? I haven't had the chance to examine the player's features yet, but I will soon.


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You said nothing about editing. VLC doesn't have the ability to edit, nor can it change the file type. For that, you'll need a robust editing software package most likely. Something like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. I use to have a digital camera as well (Before HD came out) and it would record most shit as an DAVI file, which only Premiere could read and edit.
Yeah, I know I didn't mention anything about editing. It was spontaneous. And holy crap, Premiere is $799.99. I'm just talking about minor edits here, which is why WMM is perfect.

And mavericks, that link looks like it'll do the trick. I hope it will.