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Here's some stuff I jotted down from my experience playing X in the 6 character build. Everything is subject to change.

X is reaaaally good. She has so many tools and so much damage. Definitely enjoy playing her. 3A is as stupid as ever and goes into AoP among other bullshit. Her GB has crazy range. 6BB is a ch launcher for crazy damage but still is safe on normal hit, also can be 6BA for a mid low. 22B is still stupid. BBB is super good on hit and she can go into just kidding from that. Basically she's built to win. AoP 4A+G > CE is a bajirrion damage.

A lot of combos with X go like launch > 3b+kk. This whiffs at tip range tho, but you can do 3B - 6ka which should reach any range. 6bb is a pretty powerful CH launcher. Perfect for backstep catching since it has a ton of range. Still combos on NH but it's just a knockdown, the second hit launches if they try to block the low. Good oki. Launch - CE is absurd damage. A(A) goes into Just Kidding and is really good. BB(B) does and is good on hit. BBK seems pretty fucking + on hit and is a low. Can step both options on block, doesn't seem so on hit. 22K2 goes into AoP. AoP K lethal hits on whiff punish. She has a unique taunt vs nightmare where she does some martial arts shit that's super neat. Best girl.


Here's a list of moves I found to be strong and very useful in some capacity.

AAB - Standard

A(A) - Goes into Just Kidding

2A - Standard

3A - Old X 3A but less range than you may be used to. However, it's probably better than ever. 3AK is a natural counter combo, which combos into 3B for big damage.

3A2 - 3A into AoP. This is basically the crux of X gameplay from what I can tell. Very strong, can duck mids.

9A - Standard

BB - Standard

BB(B) - Goes into Just Kidding after a third hit, very good if the BB was on hit

BBB - Does 4 hits, can't step on hit. (third hit is what was Leixia's 6B+K)

6BB - looong range CH launcher. Still a natural combo knockdown with good oki on normal hit. Good move.

6BA - Same string as above but a low for the second hit if they're ready for it on block.

22B - Old 22B we all know and love. As strong as ever.

FC 3B - Same as above. It might have some less range, though.

44B - Same old 44B. Still very evasive.

9KK - Does old 9K into the orbital kick. Good guard damage.

9KK2 - Ends in AoP

22K - Orbital. Good guard damage.

22K2 - Orbital into AoP.

1K - Old low that goes into 1kAAB or 1kAAK.

2K - Standard. I ducked Sophie's CE with it lol. Needless to say, pretty evasive.

1A+B - Old slower low that now pushes back a ton and Lethal Hits on CH for biiiiiiiiiiig damage. These kind of low sweeps seem to have been megabuffed in this game.


Stance A - Tracking high, never saw much use for it.

Stance B - Mid option.

Stance (B) - GB mid. Obviously Lethal Hits if they try to GI or RE.

Stance K - Mid that tracks better than B and is faster.

Stance A+G - Grab

Stance 4A+G - grab that combos into 4b or CE. Craaaaaaaaaazy damage.

Stance 2 - Duck. (there could be more to this, admittedly I didn't use it a whole lot since most people were really mashy lol)

Overall for stances, I found K to be generally the best option in most scenarios. It tracks well enough and is pretty fast. I never figured out for sure how the Lethal Hit properties on it worked, but I think it's only on GI whiff. Still, the move is good for bullying and that's how I used it. Being able to go into AoP, I'm sure you can see the advantages. STC's are very good in SC.

I think that's everything. Not the most organized thoughts and is mostly off the top of my head, but if you have any questions or if you have anything to add hit me.
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Seemed useless compared to Critical Edge, but that could just be a result of my minimal time with it.
Soul Charge Moves

AB - Leads to Low Throw Combos

AABB - Leixia's AA[BE] in SCV except ALL 5 hits are guarenteed without the aid of a stun.

6KBB - Xianghua's old 33_99K to her old SCIII & SCIV 1BB & it's a CH combo.

66K ~ 1kA series

66A+B - 3rd Hit become a Guard Break

66A+BB - Last Hit becomes a Guard Break version on 66B+K.

66B+KB - 66B+K leads to Xianghua's old SCII 6B+K for strong NC.

SXS B Guard Break without charging