Natsu 1.02 Combo Discussion.


[08] Mercenary
So i made it work like 4 or 5 times, it's probably not air controllable.
But it can go wrong so easily, i even had the first early CE miss completely at close range.
It's definately not a b'n'b. It's ridiculously hard to do and costs 2 meter.
I programmed the CPU to do it, while recording i did it twice but the replay function dummy couldn't even get it to work lol.
So i couldn't test if it's air controllable.
Yeah, ever since the patch, 2A+B CE tends to whiff from close range. It still works in most of the oki situations people tend to eat bombs and can not be ACed, since you cannot AC at all during the CE, which is what the combo consists of.

It's not that hard, you just need to hit the CE as quickly as you can both times, it can be a bit wierd at first though. If i can do it farely well anyone should be able to. And it could make the difference in the last round since it does around 66% from one combo.


[13] Hero
Couldn't you just set the computer's air control setting to back-left or back-right?
I could, but i couldn't tell if it is the opponent Air Controlling, or me failing at the combo.

Is it AC why some of my skydrops miss online?

Probably not, in all cases i have seen, the skydrop whiffs because the bomb hits off axis.
I.E. hitting the opponent in the side, or hitting the opponent when he's not directly in front of Natsu, not sure which, maybe both.

Bomb hits after having sidestepped an attack of the opponent
Bomb hits opponent doing a side Ukemi

Other Probable reasons:
Bomb hits opponent trying to sidestep you.
Bomb hits opponent doing an attack in which opponent turns around.

I don't know how the various bombs are affected by this, but 4A+B definately is.
Try to avoid Air Throw in situations like these if possible.
Especially on wake-up and after sidestepping an attack. Here it's easiest.
Do the other Bomb combos that were posted.


[09] Warrior
Can this thread be stickied up top so that these post patch combo's can be saved or have the top combo's been adjusted?


[13] Hero
I reintroduced a sticky Combo Listings Thread where all Combos from this thread will be pasted into after testing.
It looks like the opening post of this thread, without further posts.
So that Newcomers are sent directly to the combos and not some later pages of discussion.


[12] Conqueror
just noticed that 11A CH wall splats from a pretty good distance away, not reallly something to rely on, just dont be surprised when it happens and blow a ton of potential damage. you can pull of the whole A:6, 6A+B4, PO A:6, 3KKK, 1A series off of this. in open field you can tech trap all directions with 66K for chunky high 70s damage.

was also looking at some combo movie stuff thats impractical for actual use where you get the highest possible wall stun off of 3B and then d0 22A, A:6, into full wall string, its beautiful but the spacing required is silly.


[14] Master
If its WS AAA4, I can guarantee you'll get knocked out of it probably 95% of the time.

For other moves on block, PO A or PO K. The BE is nice too.


[09] Warrior
I'd like to play some better Natsu players to get some idea's for getting inside and into PO stance.

I am around most nightss


[13] Hero
It seems to me that 3KKK into 44KK works if the opponent is at the wall or edge.
Somehow he can't front-Ukemi in time, maybe the wall is slowing down his Ukemi.
It's weird because front-Ukemi is actually away from the wall.

This is actually not quite true, it has nothing to do with the wall.
It's because of Off Axis.
As soon as you hit with 3KKK Off-axis, front Ukemi won't work, too bad he can ukemi to both sides in that situation...

Edit: Added Some Wall Combos. Thanks to Aris_2k.


[09] Warrior
If its WS AAA4, I can guarantee you'll get knocked out of it probably 95% of the time.
Yeah, not to mention it negates any 'make it safe' BE as it'd take two meters due to the spacing.

I also like PO K, very fast and keeps things safe most of the time. PO A usually helps apply some pressure, more so than K which is more of a bail out move.


[08] Mercenary
After :2::(2):_:8::(8)::B:~ :6::(6)::b-small::A+B+K:~ :4::A+B: and
:1::(1):_:7::(7)::K:~ :6::(6)::b-small::A+B+K:~ :4::A+B: if they ukemi and you launch them follow up with WS AAA for 120 dmg i do it more easilly with the second one, with the first combo sometimes the 66B BE tosses them a bit far and i miss i think it has to do the angle of my first hit, if i hit them from the side i can do it


[08] Mercenary
if they go in which direction? when i did it i had it in back left

i saw it too left right i miss... WSAA for 98 dmg is there something better after the bomb?