*NEW* Online Forum Rules and Guidlines

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Online Forum Guidelines

*The following applies specifically to the online forum. Please read here for the full list of rules: http://8wayrun.com/threads/welcome-new-members-read-this-first.7284/*

Posting and Thread Creation:

- Off topic posts and threads will be DELETED or MOVED depending on their content/relevance to the online forum. When infractions arrive, creators of off topic content will receive one warning. If they continue doing so they will receive an infraction for each “offense”.

- Do not make new threads unless it is 100% unique and necessary. Use the online general discussion thread instead of creating a new thread with a purpose that has already been covered. Creating new threads with the same purpose as an already established one will result in an infraction after one warning.

-Multi-posting (posting numerous times after your own post) is discouraged; please refrain from doing this intentionally. If for some reason your message was posted twice, delete the clone post. If you wish to build onto your post use the edit function instead of double/multi-posting. Multi-posting will NOT result in an infraction, but said posts may end up being deleted (clone posts or not) if they happen constantly.

- Do not revive old threads. A thread is considered “old” when it has gone at least 3 months without a reply. This doesn’t apply if you have something valuable to contribute to the thread (quoting someone and saying "I agree" is NOT a valuable contribution).

- Do not make posts about the SC4/5 Hack on XBL. There is a private conversation about it, message me if you wish to join.


- "Trolling" other members is discouraged. Warnings will be given out when they are necessary, infractions will follow.

- Flaming (insulting or attacking) other members is NOT allowed. If you have problems with another member, take it to PMs (not profile posts) so we don’t have to deal with it in public. Flaming another member will result in an immediate infraction, NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.

*Consequences of Infractions might include: Losing your ability to post, account banning, random post wipes, being blacklisted on match-finder posts for XBL/PSN, and in general a visible Scarlet Letter following you around for a time letting people know the color of your character.

Flaming another member can also result in your Premium being suspended; and if (heaven forbid) you are a Moderator, your moderator status being stripped (IdleMind approved).

*Any updates to the OP will be noted in posts below*
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