New to Natsu: How do you flow with her?

Discussion in 'Natsu' started by Slaya, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Slaya

    Slaya [09] Warrior

    I've just started playing Natsu a few days ago. I've got most of her move list memorized aside from the jf timing on po A6 and a6.
    My main issue is that I don't know how to flow with her. Now, I use the term 'flow' very loosely and what I'm referring to is how my chain of attack should go. I play very offensively and unfortunately I cannot hold a steady stream of offense with Natsu. I'm fully aware she is capable of it, but I end up winning by poking with high damage strings (AAB, Bomb to air grab).
    I find that pathetic and boring. I've seen a few players put up a good offense but I can't find any videos of it in this forum. It's mostly poking or heavy spacing (from the videos I've seen anyway) being done by Natsu. Or worse it seems most of the videos appear pre patch. Many juggles I'm seeing still rely on the FC A+B ground stun which is no longer there. So learning her is a bit of a struggle for me.

    Any tips or examples of attack approaches would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I don't want to poke, I want to keep a constant assault. Videos would be highly appreciated as well.

    Lastly, a few disclaimers:
    -Yes, I'm aware most of the videos posted on here are of tournaments where most people will not be run through by a heavily offensive Natsu so that is why the videos contain a lot of poking and spacing.
    -No, I am not looking for combos. I'm looking for like.... a way to attack with her. It's a poor explanation I know, but calling it a 'flow' is the best way I can put it.

    Either way, I'd really appreciate any and all help/advice. Natsu is the closest character that appeals to me/my play style aside from my main.
  2. UnseenWombat

    UnseenWombat [14] Master

    Here's how I play:

    • Lots of 6A+B4 and 66B4, PO A_K(if blocked).
    • Lots of fishing for the tech trap with 2A+B against grounded.
    • Punish whiffs with A+B or 66B.
    • Kill step with 66AB or A+B
    • Never get out of their face.
    • Lots of 22_88A.
    • Exorcism, exorcism everywhere. I land it an obscene number of times. Sometimes twice in a row lol.
    • CH fishing with iWS K is effective, though I don't use it as much as I should.
    • Go for the gimmicks if you can. By that I mean stuff like 4B+K(over their head), RM K, air throw. Go for a 6A+B4 when you know they'll be blocking and punishing (i.e. after they do a safe move and you block it) and then do PO BE, BT PO K. Even good players sometimes fall for this stuff if you don't do it too much. I've also been trying PO B, PO B, PO A (lol, you thought you'd interrupt?)
    Some people will probably think some of those are bad advice. Specifically the gimmicks and exorcism. The rest I think most would agree are pretty solid. Decide what works for you.
  3. houndDog75

    houndDog75 [09] Warrior

    I've started to use 6a+b4 alot into all the different PO moves
  4. houndDog75

    houndDog75 [09] Warrior

    Yama plays a nice Natsu,
  5. UnseenWombat

    UnseenWombat [14] Master

    So does Hawkeye (ilTokyoli) I can't even touch him lol.
  6. Slaya

    Slaya [09] Warrior

    What is good to follow all of her moves that leave me in crouch such as AA6 WS K?
  7. Slaya

    Slaya [09] Warrior

    Lately I've been using PO to charge people down after I knock them back but people just SS me so everything from PO misses. In addition, I've been having a hard time getting through people that just block. I haven't found out what good mix ups to use with her. I feel like the only low I know of is the bombs but they're so easy to block. Even the unblockable bomb people just roll on the ground so it wiffs.
  8. Gatexor

    Gatexor [08] Mercenary

    1K, 2A, 2B, 8KA, HOV B, AA6, 2A+B6, 4A+B (without PO transition), 4KK, KK2K all leave you crouched, though I can't say any of them will lead into a surprise WS K anymore. ​
    As far as mixups go with Natsu... I suppose she doesn't have that many, that people haven't seen already. For mixups you might want to ask oldschool players, it's more up their alley than mine. I heard Yama is a mixup bawss. ​
    I use 11_77A, 1K/2K/4KK, random PO B+K's and a lot of throw mixups (don't just do the B throw, it's well known that it does more dmg and Natsu prefers to use it) to make people block low more. If you're up against noobs you can try 4A into any HOV transition and try to bait for the big combo. Somehow not many Natsu's seem to realize that 4A is a low! 4A is a great round ender for that last bit of hp, change it up with 6B whose startup animation looks alike and people usually fall for one of the two.​
    Surprised nobody has mentioned A:6 yet, I abuse that move at every chance I get. If something looks even slightly unsafe, use it! It's a 10 frame punisher with knockdown and decent damage, lol, you can punish the most ridonculous things with it. Not to mention annoy the fuck out of your opponent if used when you predict he will attack again(wouldn't recommend trying it vs extremely defensive people as it is still -14 on block)​
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  9. Agnosticheaven

    Agnosticheaven [02] Apprentice

    What I do on lower level players, A LOT, I mean... A LOT is this: All this is blocked by the way: B>K(Hold, so it's BA) 4~PO B then follow with a 66BG. Now there's a lot of problems with this, but it flows very nicely if worked correctly. Your kick can be ducked upon reaction and your PO B can be side-stepped upon reaction. But nonetheless, if sparingly used to someone not-too familiar with this, it's pretty devasating.
  10. FleshMasher

    FleshMasher [12] Conqueror

    Yeah sadly, Natsu doesn't have many moves that give advantage on block.

    Most notably:

    PO B is probably the best, also without moves that go into PO, just naked 214B when you're at advantage.
    66B BE, crouchable
    BK hold, very crouchable

    But she doesn't always need advantage.
    Her A or 3K beat other characters A or B respectively, even at slight disadvantage.

    Many good evasion moves:
    66B Tech Crouch and Step, not very unsafe and variable recovery
    3B Tech Crouch and Step, quite unsafe though
    A+B Tech Jump and very tiny Step, almost safe, variable recovery
    3A Tech Crouch, almost safe, disadvantage on normal hit though
    22_88A Step and Tech Crouch.
    WR and DB, but only in transitions like 3KK~ WR and 22_88K~ DB for example.
    Step, Quick Step and so on...

    Be careful with attacking at disadvantage though, because there are tracking moves that will counter hit you.
    Or they just crouch a predictable last minute AA with stuff like Sieg 3B, which hurts.
    Vary with blocking so you can punish, often unsafe, tracking moves on block.

    Same goes for stance transitions, often it's better to just not go into stance, block instead.

    On Hit: Most of her attacks grant advantage on hit, which is good.
    Check out the Frame Data. Should be helpful for flow.

    Also vary her strings to confuse people.
    Basic examples:
    3K and 3KK
    B and BB and BK
    22_88K and 22_88KA and 22_88K~ WR/DB
    Might add psycho frames when they have to see which version you do.

    PS.: I almost forgot:
    Kuzukiri 2bA and 4a+bA(which also works from Full Crouch), fastest move in the game i8 or better. Advantage on hit.
    Varying timing in stuff like 6KA is quite nice. But Kuzukiri does only 8 Damage.

    PPS.: This might be a bit scrubby, You might get better results with just spamming bombs and A+B.
  11. FleshMasher

    FleshMasher [12] Conqueror

    Don't forget 1B, it leaves you in crouch and gives advantage on hit ^.^
  12. Gatexor

    Gatexor [08] Mercenary

    Huh? Isn't 1B and 2B the same thing?
  13. kAb

    kAb [12] Conqueror

    nope, 1B is a little faster to come out and has better frames on hit and block. 2B seems to have more range and also has the A cancel after it.
  14. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Road 2 EVO!!!

    Best standing mix up for Natsu is 4A... This advice goes out to all of u!! Merry Christmas.
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