New Z.W.E.I. players post your Questions here.


[10] Knight
We here at the Z.W.E.I. Soul arena are working hard to create new and up to date guiges that will explain how to play Z.W.E.I. to the fullest of his potential. We ask that you be patient and check back for updates.

In the mean time while we are working on these new Guides we are going to start a new players Q&A only. This is a place for anyone new to Z.W.E.I. can ask a question about a particular Mechanic or Combo that you are not understanding or having trouble with.

This is not a thread for players who already have a hige level of knowledge of Z.W.E.I. to ask questions. The General Q&A is for that. This is to help new players get information without them having to wade through all of the Data (which there is a lot of it).

Myself or @Cecil x Silver, or any other advanced users will be happy to help you out. This is not a debate thread, if an answer is incorrect, it will be deleted and appended with correct information.

Ok new Z.W.E.I. User, Ask your question and we will direct you to the answer the best we can.