Nightmare Changes


Soul Calibur V
My thought on Nightmare's Patch Notes:

"Fixed 6K whiffing issues" - Was rare but cool.

"66 KK 2nd hit don't whiff on RE" - Still interruptible by RE so whatever.

"GS A+B hitbox expanded" - This gonna work in combos as intended.

"2A+B meter gain buff" - Already fills up 1 bar in 3 hits so might be a big buff.

"CE is safer but less pushback" - Easier to punish but not launch punishable? Ok.

"Flapjack don't R-O" - Pandering to noobs suck but almost insignificant at high level.

"1A damage nerf" - 1A LH gonna be weaker, but it's never guaranteed anyway.

"RE B damage nerf" RE B LH did over 100 with free NTC (and now a ton of meter), justifed nerf.

"NLS A+B changes" Unsignificant for the most part, the guaranteed followup on block actually had a damage BOOST, so it makes sense.

"NLS B changes" -That one hurts, but the move was clearly overtuned, it comes out at i8/i10ish from stance, has infinite TC properties, is safe on block, has an uninterruptible followup in stance, does 60 dmg on normal hit or 80+NTC (now with more meter) with the stance transition. Tbh if you don't think this was overpowered, you downplaying hard.


[09] Warrior
NLS B changes also increase the attack throw damage, this means it's even more damage for NSS B > 2> NLS B and LH 22_88B > NLS B. most of NM's properties remain intact, he just took some damage nerfs, i don't think it's a big deal.