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Awesome super heroes! That head build on Goldar is genius. I still really like Zeldor's classic design. Like something straight out of the witcher series.


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When I first saw this helmet in the DLC, the first thing I thought of was the Gundam Exia. I wasn't able to recreate him perefctly, so instead I just decided to make as badass-looking a Gundam as I could. Here's the result:


I've been pretty vocal about my disappointment with the DLC pieces in general, but at least the new armor sets add some variety to the mech and fantasy realm. I'll be tinkering with some Saint Seiya stuff later.
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Hi there :)! You have most intrigueing creations here ;)! The base ideas you have for your creations are interesting and seemingly difficult to execute, considering the overall medieval era theme in character creations equipment selection. So thumbs up for the originality of your ideas and particulary the effort you have put in them and attempt to work with what you have. Your latest Gundam is also a nice effort given what you had to work with. The helmet with your use of ExEq is no doubt the shining piece in your creation and with your explanation of the creations origins, gets its main idea through to us nicely. Colours are also delightful to watch: not too bright, work well together and loyal to the original colouring of the Gundam,

Good job with these creations :D! Keep up the good work ;)


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The other thing that came to my mind with the new armor pieces, naturally, was Saint Seiya. Surprisingly though, the new pieces are not of much help. I set out to recreate all 12 of the Gold Saints, but was only really satisfied with three of them. I was also not able to improve my bronze saints much. Oh well.




I also fixed up Andromeda Shun a little bit with the new Sanctified set. He doesn't look much better in-game (the hair is still not great and he's still too bulky), but at least he's a bit closer to the original design.


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Hi, most saint, intrigueing and fine job with all of them ;)! The golden colour theme on all of them are just the right way shaded: not too bright ( like original example pictures would suggest ) and shaded properly so they don´t cover the details too much and work well with each characters different pants colours. The golden Angel wings on Aiolos are spot on and while it can be usually rather difficult to come up with the armor pieces that look exactly or at least similiar to the original sources ones, you have achieved that rather well considering what you have to work with. It´s also nice that you have them wear mostly different pieces of armor so that they look a little bit different to one another. You put impressively lot of effort to get their head set armors right, which I can see are cleaverly created using different ExEq accessories, so thumbs up for that ;). Same can be said about Aries Mus curvy bone like armor set which you managed to nail very well using the lamb horns ExEq.

Overall really nice and fine work with them ;)!