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Well, to put it simple, shes too damn fast for my characters, Asty and Siggy. Like, wtf do i do? Ive been caught in many quick killer combos and alot of them are stuns. I swear to god i beat a Talim down to like 10% health left and when she gets the chance, she comes back and wins the round with super killer quick ass stun ass combos. Like...wtf CAN i do? Its like too fast for me to GI, too fast for me to retaliate, all im left with is eating it....B6 with Sig is shit compared to what she can do against me. So for all Talim players, please help me, itd be greatly appreciated.



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An anti-Talim thread?
Talim might be top tier but she has feelings too you know...

I suggest that you study her stances in training mode.
Learn to recognize 2B+K (WC?) stance.
This stance gives her decent mixup.

When she's in WC:
It's risky for you to attack, because of WC K. (But it's all mixups and mind games. You might be able to attack if she uses something else.)
You can crouch if you expect WC AA.
You can also crouch if you expect WC Throw.
And keep your eyes open for WC A+K, which is a relatively slow low that you might be able to block on reaction.

The safest but least rewarding option is to stand tall, block, and spam either A or B in case that she tries to throw you... Or simply use WC B:B.

If she succeeds her WC throw against you, she's left back turned.
Once again, you don't want to attack. If you attack, you're gonna eat BT B, which is an unshakable stun.
The safest thing to do in general, once again, is to stand tall, block, and spam A or B.

Her BT options are...
BT B (stun)
BT G(turn around),throw.
BT A or [A] for a sucktastic 44B kind of thing.
BT B+K A+B or BT [B+K]A+B
BT 2K (Only knocks down on counter hit...lulz.)
BT K which seems to TC and TJ, but not sure.

If Talim stuns you with BT B, don't throw your controller at the TV yet. Keep an eye open. If she follows BT B with 6K, shake that stun.

...And A+B236A236B is great on block, because not only do you look badass, but people also always stop blocking before the end.

Edit: I realize that this post doesn't say how to attack Talim, but there's really not much else that you should worry about, I think...
Just stay as far away as possible and abuse Siegfried's attack where his sword does a 360 degrees low slash while he backsteps.


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When she's BT, she can also do another WC and restart the entire process. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Also, watch out for AS A_A+B mixups from wakeup. If you get hit with those, you're back in mixup hell. And yes, BT K does TC AND TJ, so it's impossible to hit, lololololol.

On a serious note, just work on your defense. If you lose advantage to Talim in a match, play defensive until you can punish her or she stops attacking, whichever one comes first. It won't take long since most of Talim's stuff is unsafe as hell. If you try to play aggressively when you're at a disadvantage, you'll just eat combos. This is true vs all characters, not just Talim.


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Clearly if Talim is too fast for you you're obviously playing very laggy ranked matches. Just spam 3 at her and you win.


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There's a thread in the Asta forum regarding this... but honestly, I find Seig and good Astas impossible to beat lol

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Sig should try to keep Talim outta range and use his combos.

Ya a good Sig is hard to beat.

A Sig just won the last offline comp we had a few days ago.


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Thats the thing, i have trouble spacing her. She's always too fast and does too many stuns. I get up, and i get hit with another low attack stun and i get up....and another string hits. Its annoying...

I think asty can 6k her out of WC...im not sure

6K only works occasionally, i believe alot of Talim's move out speed the knee.

EDIT: Hey guys if u dont mind, add me on live with a message about Talim and maybe i can get some hands on experience, and u guys can help me out. Thanks, jst a suggestion.


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Asty can 6K her out of Wind Sault unless she's using AS A+B in which they will connect at the same time most likely...
Infact I find it difficult to fight a decent Astaroth even with Talim...
Anticipate and punish... but watch out for WC AAB, yes! there is a third hit and it's mid... so if you duck the WC AA eiher keep guarding or 2A as fast as possible... with Sig probably keep guarding or WR B, or if you're pro duck the WC AA and 2B+K~CH the third hit, then "Chief off" on her fool...
Thats even if she does that so block punishing is ussually your best option... and with sig 3A/ 6B is good against her stance moves...
It also seems your third character in line is Algol, pick him = win on Talim unless it's an uber Talim (which you might have to break a sweat to beatdown) you can do amazing bubble combos off her stance transitions... 4[A+B] just about shuts down everything but a potential GI or 6A+B from Talim...


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I've had someone try that on me. I LOL'd so hard after the match, he kept trying and missing. It just looked stupid.

Also, since WC is like a sidestep, any move that tracks can hit her out of it.


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Tailm very unsafe. Watch her closely, and jsut be ready to punish pretty much msot of her moves. Another to remember is that talim can be knockout of all of stances. Well, I'm a litte unsure about WC, but the others are pretty gimmick/flashy. To put it simple. Talim is just all flash with no ZOMG lolbots stuff.


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Thanks for the info guys, ill pick her up in training and watch what i have to look for in a real fight.

Btw, Algol is more of my play around char Zombie :]
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