Optimized Sophitia Combo List


[08] Mercenary
Shoutouts to BigTier for writing this, originally w/some collaboration from myself and Arnica. Made some edits here and there

Sophitia combos:

Note: TAS B is the max damage ender generally, but double TAS B is inconsistent. In addition, wr b+k filler, can be inconsistent at range, and generally becomes more difficult the lower the launch, I suggest it most for 66b, but it will generally work from any launcher, as long as it's within range. After a ground stun 3b does 1 point more damage than 4b but recovers slightly slower, either are fine options. Also for ring out from standard launchers, 4a+b is your best bet. Sends them furthest and pops them up over walls sometimes, cannot be air controlled after a launcher.

A Starters

4AB > 44B (54)
22_88A > 1K (43)
4[A] > AS: B :4 (86) obv other variations will do less, use B followup for wallsplat/ringout. Followup is inconsistent on some chars due to how they but you can also do 2BK for ringout/wallsplat* (can't resplat/launch here so combo damage is smaller, but still significant.)
4[A], 66K, TAS B, 3B (73) *Whiffs at far ranges.
4[A] 6K, TAS B_44B+K (71, 70) *Whiffs at max range.
4[A] > CE (101)

B Starters

3B > TAS B > 4B_TAS B (54_61)
3B > wrB+K > TAS B > 3B (63)*Hard
3B > CE (75)
3B > wrB+K CE 75 builds more meter than going straight into CE, harder. not really worth it imo but good to know.

9B > 3K (27) Point blank range only.

6bA > 2BK > TAS B (74)
6bA > 2BK > 8A+B (76) doesn't work near walls

2BK (34) Hit confirmable natural combo.

*Note, wrB+K whiffs at max range 66B, do TAS B instead if uncertain about range.

66B > wrB+K > TAS B > 4B_3B (70_71) optimal vs girl chars
66B > wrB+K > 22BAK (79) works on Ivy + guy chars, excluding Cervantes and Astaroth
66B > TAS B > 4B_TAS B (62_70)
33/99B > wrB+K > 22BAK (79) works on all chars
33/99B > wrB+K > CE 88

44B > TAS B > 3B (67)
44B > CE (90)

K Normals

66K > TAS B > 4B_3B_TAS B (52_53_60)
66K > wrB+K > TAS B > 4B (62) * Hard
66K > CE (76)
66K > wrB+K > CE (76) technically possible, same deal for slight meter gain but too difficult to be practical.

44K > TAS B > 3B (63) somewhat difficult, you have to buffer the TAS B VERY early, as in during the animation, earlier than it looks. Huge damage increase over other options, but also regular stab works and is easier to buffer for (53) if you hit the AS just frame, K you can actually hit confirm but it only does (36)

1[K] > 1K (45)
1[K] > 3B (46) Slightly worse oki, specifically if they do not ukemi at all, both are fine options.

Dual Button Attacks

A+B > TAS B (53) only works at close range
A+B > 66B (53) all ranges but still have to be somewhat quick or they will be able to ukemi.

22/88A+B > [G] > TAS B > 3B (68)
22/88A+B > [G] > CE (88)
22/88A+B > B+K (40) reverse ring out option.

8A+B [quake hit] > AS B > 4 (56)

8B+K > K (42)

4B+K > wrB+K > TAS B > 3B (86)
4B+K > CE (98)

Counterhit Confirms

CH 44A > TAS B > 3B (64)
CH 44A > CE (78)

CH 1K > 3K (36) CH 1K x 2 can work but also randomly whiffs, 3k sends them further away from you and does less damage but will never whiff.

CH 6K > TAS B_44B+K (50, 49)

CH 66A+B > 3B (60)

CH 66B+KAB > [G] > TAS B > 3B (76)
CH 66B+KAB > B+K (56) reverse ring out.

CH B+KB : 4_B (66_61)

CH 2BB :4_B (63_58)

1st hit CH TAS AA > AS B (82)
CH TAS AA, wrB+K, AS:B :4 (104) this becomes possible if you are off axis to their right at point blank range. only very slightly right on NM/Cerv/Astaroth
2nd hit CH TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :4 (95)

Lethal Hits

LH 1[K] > wrB+K > 22BAK (87)
LH 1[K] > wrB+K > CE (97)

LH A+B > TAS B > 3B (79) *Somewhat difficult, requires early buffer of TAS B during lethal hit animation.
LH A+B > CE (102)

LH 44B > 22A+B > wrB+K > TAS B > 3B (67)
LH 44B > 22A+B > wrB+K > CE (79)
LH44B > 8B+KK Reverse ring out.

LH 66A+B > 22A+B > wrB+K > TAS B > 3B (99)
LH 66A+B > 22A+B > wrB+K > CE (111)
LH 66A+B > 22A+B > wrB+K > 22BAK (105) big bodies only

LH 22B+K > TAS B (63)

LH AS K > AS: B :4_B (81_77)
LH AS K > CE (93)

LH TAS B > AS: B :4_B (82_79)
LH TAS B > CE (90)

LH 66A+G, 1K (64)

LH TAS AB > 6BA > 2BK > TAS B (100)
LH TAS AB > 6BA > 2BK > 8A+B (101) doesn't work near walls
LH TAS AB > TAS AA > AS: B :4 (108) char specific vs Nightmare/ Astaroth/ Cervantes/ Siegfried)

Wall Combos

Note, any TAS AA after the wallsplat must be buffered relatively quickly or the wrB+K will accidentally wallsplat and mess up the combo, but even if you mess up it still does more than the 6BA into 2BK lethal hit route, so you should still go for it after wallsplat moves that allow it.

Note 2: moves that cause a weird side splat point blank such as 4AB, A+B, & 66A+B have strange interactions, for example on some characters, seemingly randomly you can resplat them with 6B+K after A+B w! into TAS AA 6B+K w! > TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :4 (125) but sometimes they wont splat, and on many chars (seemingly larger ones) 6B+K will whiff completely.

66B w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! > 66K > TAS B > 3B (134)

3B w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! > 66K > TAS B > 3B (118)

AS:B :B w! 6B+K w! 6BA > 2BK (LH) > TAS B (125) Weird note, sometimes if you hit both just frames on AS B it won't wallsplat, not sure why.

TAS B:B w! 6B+K w! 6BA > 2BK (LH) > TAS B (106)

44Kk w! > TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66k > TAS B > 3B (150)

TAS K w! > TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66k > TAS B > 3B (138) somewhat finicky, the splat of this and 4kk knock them slightly to the side, this even more because of the TAS input that has a natural sidestep if not done extremely quickly.

44K w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66k > TAS B > 4B (131) somewhat finicky also, 44K will only really splat reliably from point blank range anyway.

1AA w! 6B+K w! > TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :4 (130)

4AB w! 66K > TAS B > 4B (72) *Note 3B whiffs here on Xianghua, maybe other smalls too.

66A+B w! 1BBBB (62) Can't seem to consistently resplat here with anything, and even TAS B whiffs.

66K w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (122)

44B w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (138)

44B+K w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (79)

A+B w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (81)

2BK w! > AS:B (60)

4B+K w! 66K w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :4 (120)

CH 44A w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS B:B w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (103)

LH A+B w! TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 66K > TAS B > 3B (151)

CH TAS AA > wrB+K > AS:B :B w! 6B+K w! 6BA > 2BK (LH) > TAS B (165)

CH 6B+K, 6B+K, 6BA, 2BK LH, TAS B (113) * It is possible to do the TAS AA route here for 136 damage but feels pretty inconsistent on some chars.

Guard Break Combos:

Note: depending on what move you guard break with, you'll have different routes available to you, so we'll divide them up into high recovery [like 66B] and low recovery [like 4B] guard breaks

(Low Recovery Guard Break) > Sidestep Right > TAS AA > wrB+K > AS B:4 (100)

(High Recovery Guard Break) > 33B > wrB+K > 22BAK (79)

(High Recovery Guard Break) TAS AA > wrB+K > AS B:4 (100) do the TAS input "loose" so Sophitia sidesteps a little before it starts. Only works on Nightmare/ Astaroth/ Cervantes

Soul Charge Combos (listed here are new optimal routes that only become available in SC. If you don't see a new route here, just do the one listed in the above general combos section)

66B > wrB+K > AS AAB (88) do the AS AAB slightly late.

66B > 4A+BB > 44B (83)

3B > 4A+BB > 44B (73)

66K > 4A+BB > 44B (73)

22A+B > [G] > 4A+BB > 44B (88)

4B+K > 4A+BB > 44B (98)

CH 44A > wrB+K > 22BAK (93)

CH 66B+KAB > [G] > 4A+BB > 44B (89)

(LH) A+B > 4A+BB > 44B (102)
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Anyway I figured I'll post the vid anyway since I took the time to make it.