[08] Mercenary
Sooo I've been playing SC5 for about 2 months now, although I'm not new to the series at all. I feel like, in this release, that Nightmare is WAY overpowered courtesy of new special moves. He's been my main since SC3.

I understand they probably designed him to be very damaging because he's pretty slow, but I don't think it was done right. I just think he's way too strong. His wall combos, in conjunction with special moves, are INSANE and go on for too long.

Any opinions? Not going to change characters because he's been my main for many years... just giving an honest critique of the game.



[12] Conqueror
Yep, he's a nightmare if you don't know the matchup. He's still really powerful in the hands of a skilled player, but if you know the matchup he's not too scary.


[08] Mercenary
Hmm.. I even feel like his quick attacks get through fast opponents, like his 6K or 4KK. (I'm still learning the notation for this game, but I think I get the hang of it.) And his combos go on for waaay long.


[11] Champion
Hey there Scars, Nightmare in this game is a good character overall, but he is not overpowered. Nightmare lacks the rushdown capability that most of the cast has, and he has difficulty dealing with certain characters once they get in close. His punishment game is also pretty weak (His FrC punishment is great though).

While Nightmare does deal alot of damage with simple combos, his options are unsafe and he has to take alot more risks than other characters. He also lacks in the throws department (He has great grab range though). Like Zeroeffect said, Nightmare is definitely stronger than before but by no means is he overpowered.