Party Wolf

Do you have a friendly relationship with Party Wof?

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What are your thoughts of @Party Wolf I say he is a handsome man with many talents. However, he can sometimes trick himself into believing weird things (PW thinks Sonic > Megaman LOL).
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I dont think anyone on 8wr has a bad relationship with Party Wolf, however I voted no to be edgy


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Let's not get cray cray. This isn't a Goku vs Superman argument.

Sonic has sonic speed. Megaman would be cut to ribbons by Sonic before he could charge a megabuster.
LOL at the cray cray part. The biggest problem with Sonic is he runs extremely slow. Someone ran the math on his "super speed". And if you take it in correlation to his surroundings, he's not very fast. Secondly, Megaman is versatile as hell. Essentially he can absorb any power and use it as his own. Megaman can control time, shoot snakes, create black holes, and all sorts of other wonky shit. Unless you use comic book Sonic, original videogame Sonic is weak as fuck.