Patch 1.11 Changes (Official and Fan Translation)


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Patch Notes translated by Okubo himself!


Thanks to Jaxcell who came into the Astaroth Discord to translate these notes.

  • 6A+G base damage reduced, soul gauge increases significantly(edited)
  • Follow-up attacks tended to miss so they're correcting astaroths alignment problems so they're taking a look again how to correct this
  • Astaroth's reversal edge comes out quicker
  • Astaroth's hurt box against against smaller characters and CaS characters is being adjusted
  • They have improved CaS hitbox Asta, nerfed the damage on CaS Asta
  • 22[K] on an enemy would make your follow-ups whiff which is being corrected
  • They made the input easier to come out for 1A+G making it more consistent
  • SC 236A is no longer an infinite
  • When in close distance the following moves have a tendency to whiff, they've adjusted the hitbox size so they're all more consistent
    • 4AA
    • 4AB
    • BB
    • 6B
    • 2B
    • 3B/3(B)
    • 236B+K
    • 22AA
    • 44B/44(B)
    • 66K/66(K)
    • 44A+G
  • 11BK, BT B+K so before that move it hits it was very unreliable, so they increased the tracking/made it more consistent to hit combos with since they would get blown too far away because of the body types of certain characters
  • 6A+B in the event of the of lethal hit, the enemy could GI you because you didn't get enough us frames, so now they can't GI back after It's fixed now. I didn't know about that one
  • 6B+K and hold version and revenge hit version, 28A+G they no longer self ring out at all anymore
  • 1(B) the tracking has been has been reduced for standing but works against otg stil
  • RE tracking made better and hitbox better for close range comes out faste
  • 4AA the timing of the attack is now comes out faster by two frames and so is an i12 OH MY GOD
  • 22B and 66(K) they improving the tracking and it made it reliable to use close distance
  • 1A+G and 2A+G made the moves 2 frames, the actively hitting frames for the move is extended (Means they're i12 now)
  • 214A+G and 236A+G held versions now has break attack qualities and impossible to GI or RE
  • They increased the guard damage on these moves but they don't guard crush:
    • A
    • B
    • 2B
    • FC B 66K
  • 2B and and FC B hit more reliably to air hit
  • 6K has negative scaling post guard crush, more unsafe on block, has better counter hit properties for positive damage scaling post hit
  • 3K faster by two frame making it i14, more advancement, less damage
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