Patroklos Help.


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Hello. I am looking to eventually become very familiar with all of the characters. I'm starting with the easier to learn characters and Patroklos is up next. I really like his style. I do well against beginners but I seem to be struggling against the average player. What I tend to be struggling with is actually hitting my opponent. Not whiffing, it just seems like everything I do gets blocked. Even the low attacks. And his grab is very short range. How do I get past my opponent's defense and deal some damage?

Another thing is I do not understand the 66B+G grab. How do I continue kneeing my opponent?

Here are my mannerisms with moves. Please tell me if I am missing a good move. I'm sure I am.

Closing distance:
- 66B followed by 66B+K followed by 236B (sometimes BE)
- 66A (sometimes BE) and I follow up with either A+B for trapping, 3B or 66B
- 22A-A followed by BB if using the guard break (Not often)
- 6B-B-B (When being rushed)

When close:
- 3B followed by 236B (sometimes BE) or 236K
- 1K followed by 3K-K for trapping.
- AA and BB
- A+B sometimes to try and counter.

Moves that I use to surprise my opponent:
- 236A-B
- 44K-K (typically after 3K-K)
- 1B followed by 1B BE if the first one connects.

- 2A+B when they stand up blocking.
- 1K when rolling.

Ukemi traps:
- I don't have any.

While playing Patroklos, I struggle the most against Nightmare, Siegfried, Astaroth, Yoshimitsu and Mitsurugi.

Thanks for your time.
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Never mind. I was tired when I wrote this and I didn't see DrakeAldan's post on the guide to Patroklos.

I am still struggling a bit on getting past the enemy's guard, but I just need to practice more.


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When all fails, just 66B again. I won't give a full run down of how I like to play pat since I'm on my phone, but you gotta play him like a jackass. 66B on whiff into another 66b for example. If you think they're gonna step up close, 1k or 44a. You really gotta just keep the pressure going with pat. He's 100% rush down. To do that well, you kind of have to "feel" your opponent, which can be hard but that really applies to sc in general.


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To get more hits out of 66B+G (to increase the damage from around 40 to 65) the trick is to spam inputs, so the best way to do that is to spin the stick in circles as fast as you can and mash the triggers or any other button that you can spam easily. I think it's possible to get even more hits but I'm not too sure how exactly, it might just be random.

Patroklos' A+G does more damage than B+G, so the 66B+G version makes both grapples amazing choices so you have a strong throw A or B mixup.