Playing games this Pandemic


[09] Warrior
"Many parents complain that their teenage children spend too much time playing video games.

But it seems the pastime is the best strategy to survive a prolonged coronavirus lockdown.

That’s because gaming – like running – is an immersive activity that helps people focus their energy by entering a state of “flow”, say a group of American and Chinese researchers. Being in a state of flow reduces stress and helps time pass more quickly, they say.

Participants who reported greater “flow” also reported more positive emotions, less severe depressive symptoms, less loneliness, more healthy behaviour and less unhealthy habits, the study showed."

Right now Paradox has become my favorite developer/publisher. Playing excellent games like HOI4 and Stellaris has been a godsend during this time. So is this true with most of you guys here? Do playing games as usual helped you get your thinking away from the pandemic? If not, how did you cope with it?


[08] Mercenary
even before the pandemic, I play games to relax and have fun. I guess it helped me cope during the pandemic, especially during the lockdowns.