Pyrrha's stab vs Omega's stab

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Long story short, I've been landing Pyrrha's 236B:4 pretty consistently, but have been struggling to understand Omega's version of the move.
So how I can I adjust my prior knowledge and muscle memory to consistently perform Omega's JF and non JF NS and DNS stabs?


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If I remember correctly, the 4 input window starts at the same time, but Ω's is shorter. If you could do the JF for pyrrha, you should be able to do NS B 4 already...

DNS is different because you are forced to wait for 236 > NS to happen before pressing B so you rarely get the move to start on the same timing twice. However outside of a buffer, the time between when you press B and when you should press 4 should also be the about the same as NS B.

Really you should probably just hit training mode if you're having a problem with it though. The concept is the same, push 4 as the pointy end goes in the other guy.
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