Random Creations in SCV (Part 1)


[09] Warrior
I was bored and decided to whip up some outfit changes/updates to some of my creations. Note: These were made just for fun and weren't saved over the original creation. LET'S BEGIN!

Chris (SCIV Outfit)
Chris (SCIV Outfit).png

Alexander (SCIV Outfit) - I tried the best I could, sadly some items from SCIV weren't in SCV
Alexander (SCIV Outfit).png

Elizabeth (Cat Warrior)
Elizabeth (Cat Warrior).png

Alex (Alternate Outfit)
Alex (Alt. Outfit.png

Julia (Alternate School Uniform)
Julia (School Uniform Alt.).png

Teddy (Woody Cosplay)
Teddy (Woody Cosplay).png

Coyote (White Coyote) - This is like the White Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Coyote (White Coyote).png

Reynard (Alternate Outfit)
Reynard (Alt.).png

Jaguar (Cheetah Outfit)
Jaguar (Cheetah Outfit).png

Ryuu (Update)
Ryuu (Update).png

Sir Isac (Blood)
Sir Isac (Blood).png

That is all for now, I might share some others in the future; I will be sharing several creations and random ones once SCVI arrives ;) Thanks for viewing, feel free to leave feedback or comments :D