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I had a really crazy clutch win in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II...

I had a really crazy match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II...



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Genius without wisdom is lower than stupidity.

I once knew a young man. He was practically a vegetable, drooling, basically helpless and hopelessly incoherent. I assisted in a class for people with learning disabilities doing IT. The awe and wonder this young man induced and did indeed significantly sow in me I will never forget. He was worth a thousand so-called genius' to me. What's called 'genius' is mere chance and happenstance. Everyone has that potential lauded as 'genius' in the right circumstances. Given the chance to realise it. But genius without wisdom is like a fish flapping on dry land with no idea how it got there and wisdom is acquired by experience. By which I mean foolishness. The opposite of genius. If said fish never happened it would never have known what it was like not to be in water. Why being in the water was in fact very wise. For a fish anyway.

Genius without wisdom is a nuclear weapon.