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What is eternity but now? This very moment is all you've ever known. All you will ever truly know. You know only that it is as it is to know.
The sun and the moon shall pass with not even an echo into the void of a forever still night sky within the grip of unfathomable entrophy but this moment will never cease to exist.
You will never be anywhere else. There is no great journey to a far away place that is not already here and now. What you will know is what you have known and what you have known as nothing.
Nothing aside from eternity.
Good times.
I'd like to take a small moment, relatively, to have a look at the Thanos snap as I don't feel it's appreciated just how retarded this all was. Of course it would no doubt be mere vanity to expect that to change but we live in hope I suppose. Perhaps I should just say half-arsed but the point remains that the problem in of itself is represented by an imbalance.

In our ideal, the utopia of dreams, the futile fantasies our 'heroes' strive toward we can represent this with the idea of balance which is for all intents and purposes the representation of everything being in it's proper place at the proper time whatever that might mean to an observer outside the structure which we can easily use a set of scales to represent.

Of course in reality we all know the scales do not balance so nicely looking more like this.

Using another comic 2000AD as a scenario to represent the image, on the left is a sparse wasteland without abundance, which is hoarded on the opposite side so on one side we have cursed earth where there are almost no resources within a great inhospitable expanse and on the other we have a situation where the weight of abundance crushes the bottom where there is most space spreading it out and crushing all that resides there to dust while approaching the top there is more than anyone would ever need yet this situation is enforced out of the insurmountable fear of it's inevitable loss.

Those inside this Megacity are made to fear the outside whether or not there be good reason also being forced to climb this perverse pyramidal structure simply to avoid being crushed under it's unimaginable weight or exiled to the outside with little to no hope of survival. Those on the outside are not welcome out of this fear forced to horde what they do have which while less extreme is an equally crushing weight to support and indeed defend. This is of course like all stories merely a metaphor for the real state of our world which is just as artificial as the story itself ironically enough.

Instead of actually addressing this imbalance in any case the grand thumb snap is like putting extensive bandaging over a mere flesh wound.

As I've tried to illustrate this grand gesture has done nowt but needlessly and faithlessly reset the game to play all over again, not unlike your classic online ragequit, which is itself emblematic of the entire scenario comics do seem to continually replicate. All one need do is reverse the pictures to see the result of the grand gesture painted as somehow heroic in the other direction.

Of course this structure is an artificial construct but the balance it represents is a force of nature like the scales of justice and as they say in this case justice is blind meaning the uncontainable forces of nature, outside the artifical construct we call 'justice' to satisfy merely our vanity, constantly strive to restore this balance naturally abhoring imbalance which represents the situation our villain of this story feels indeed driven beyond control to unleash which is brutal and merciless seemingly senseless to our small petty human eyes wiping us away as indiscriminately as it might seem although not without it's own nonetheless perversely ambiguous sense of fairness.

But the point is imbalance the snap seeks to correct which nonetheless remains in vain. So what might such a thing actually look like?

What if we go back to beginning? Remove everything and the scales reset demonstrating the purest concept of balance while we see the imbalance as it truly is aside from our artificial struggles toward balance or 'justice' we only ever strive toward in vain never seeing it as it truly is much like God gave to Moses the laws that the Israelites would be instructed to keep in their sight at all times which was never about the laws but the truth within them. The truth of following not them but rather they representing the truth of following God.

What if this snap were like a King of Kings coming down to separate the righteous from the wicked bringing with it these scales without measure like the Spirit of Truth or simply justice itself for a new way as a new world which in reality was a way of being more than dirt and water? What if it were to happen just as suddenly leaving what remains coldly immobile frozen in fear and in darkness as the sun and moon flee the heavens?

Might make a better story at least I suppose... Almost like I've heard it somewhere before. Well, as I always tend to say, if it were important I'd have remembered.

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