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Hello and Welcome to the Raphael SA directory! This thread is here to guide you through
the soul arena and provide you with information about changes made to the SA.
Links to useful pages-*Note-This list will expand as we get closer to the release of SCIIHD*
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Changes to the Soulcalibur II HD Online Raphael Soul Arena:

August 21st 2013
(Thanks to Mage for these)
  • Renamed the SCII HD Online Raphael Q&A Thread to "Raphael General Discussion/Q&A Thread".
  • Created the Raphael Soul Arena Directory/Updates List for changes in the SA thread.
  • Closed the old Raphael Frame Data Thread and renamed it to "Raphael Frame Data Notes by Ring [Archive]".
  • Created the Raphael Frame Data Listing and insert the wiki frame data page into it [Moderators: Frame Data still needs completing].
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