Recovery Crouching Cancel (RCC) FAQ

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What is Recover Crouching Cancel (RCC)?
It is using a directional tap other than any variation of down to cancel your crouching state while in full crouch.
Example: CH iMCF > 6_8_4 > 3B

Why do I need RCC?
Canceling your crouching frames allows you to stand quicker than possible without the input which allows many characters including Yoshimitsu to perform combos otherwise impossible.

I can't RCC!
It takes practice and timing. Don't freak out if you're not getting the correct timing right out of the gate. Go into practice mode and practice Yoshi's simple iMCF > RCC 3B BnB over and over until the timing is completely natural to you. If you're not getting a launch off of the 3B you're inputting it too slow and need to tighten up your input. If you're getting WR B/2B/FC B you're doing it too sloppy or too fast.
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