Removing filthy heathens from the ring, aka Raph's RO Game (updated for Season 2)


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It's dead in here and I don't see much of a thread for this so I decided to start one as a reference. I've looked into this a lot, and Raph's RO potential is actually not as terrible in SC6 as his typically is. Is it best in the game? Of course not. But if you're used to Raph having a poor RO game then you might want to think about this stuff a little more.

Forward RO:
-3B, 66A+B, AG B, 22_88BB - All of these can be followed with 66B for maximum RO distance. The higher in they are when 66B hits, the better.
-214B - very important because it will always launch over a low wall, so use it after a BBB iPR BK wall combo extender for a quick RO. Also works after B4 when it doesn't wallsplat.
-B4, 66K, A+B - linear shoves, all will RO on normal hit. 66K probably the least useful but gets you swag points
-juggle PR KK:B - although it might look like it works without a launch, this will only RO if PR K connects as a juggle hit. Kind of redundant with 66B but if you launch with 3[ B ] this is your alternative RO.
-A+G, SC A+G - of course it's breakable, but if you're in between a forward and right-side orientation, both throws will RO so you get a 50/50 break chance.
-oki 2A+B - here's your one oki option for RO but be very careful with it, the spacing to RO is very specific and if you overshoot it you will cross over and possibly ring yourself out. (self ro was patched out)
-SC 6AB, SC 8AB - Major step killers. 6AB is duckable but fast and RO on normal hit. 8AB is a little slower but not duckable and also RO on normal hit.
-SC CH 2A+BB - Not quite as directly useful as 214B but if you can get it to combo from a standing stun then this will send them flying out of the ring.
-SC CH PR BBA+B - Generally this is relegated to a stun combo ender but in combos where you'd normally PR BB:B, substitute this for the RO. Only thing to watch out for is sometimes the orientation can go off track while he's stabbing away so you might end up pushing them to the side instead.
-SC 1KB - VERY rarely this can ring out. It seems to be a specific angle though, and I couldn't get it to happen with any consistency.

Backward RO:
Unfortunately this is the only area where he lacks anything decent where he used to have at least one thing, but let's not dwell on that. He does have some things that RO somewhat behind him, but since they lean more on the side I'm not putting them here.

Left RO (Raph's back facing the edge):
-stun WR bK - This will only RO on stun, so you should use it as a stun combo ender. I recommend 22K iWR bK.
-juggle SE A - This will only RO on juggle, so really your only option to perform this is off a CH 3[ B ]. But remember 3[ B ] will CH if you get a guard break, SE B or lethal hit stun.
-SC PR 6KK - Horizontal mid, natural combo, jails, only -4 on guard. And most importantly for this list, it will RO to the left.

Right RO (Raph's torso facing the edge):
-CH/stun PR BK - Generally this is best to use as a combo ender in stun combos in place of PR BB:B. For example, CH 66[ B ] PR A[ B ] PR BK.
-juggle 214B - This one is very strange to witness but it works. If you land a launcher either parallel with the ring edge or up to 45 degrees inward, then 214B will RO.
-4A+G - This one is a RO to the right, so as mentioned earlier if you're in between a forward and right-side orientation, both throws will RO so you get a 50/50 break chance.
-right side A+G - This will also RO to the right. While it doesn't sound practical by itself, you can neatly set it up with a 6A+B hit so keep that in mind.

In summary, although normally he's pretty weak to step even in his RO game, when in SC he suddenly becomes very capable of bitchslapping any careless roamers out of the ring. Also having a 50/50 throw mixup - even if it's only within a certain angle - is something a lot of other characters can't boast. Not having a low mixup does kind of hurt him but at the same time it just means they're a lot more likely to stay standing and eat pressure, which allows you to go for throws, guard breaks, and safe highs.

Anything I've missed, please let me know.

(12/15/19) UPDATE: Season 2
For S2 we got a few new low options that can ring out.

Forward RO:
-PR A+B - now exists so it's a bit easier to ring out from PR. Still, kind of redundant with SE B and almost just as slow.
-QP K - on normal hit perfectly sets up 2A+B when the opponent's back is to the edge. Unfortunately, the CH combo is completely different (see below).
-CH 3A+B - good luck ever landing this one. CH 3A+B is linear, slow, and has almost no tech jump/crouch properties before impact.
-SC SE KB - if the K misses or is guarded, the B will pop them off the ground for a short-range ring out. But if the K hits first the B will just cause them to slide and you get no ring out.

Right RO:
CH QP K allows a 6B combo, which means you can get 6B iPR BK for a right ring out.
CH PR AK can ring out a bit to the right. We already had a way to do this from PR AB, but if you're not confident in your PR BK timing you can try this instead.
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