Replace one word in a movie title with "Sh*t"


trash of 8wayrun
"stolen from TYM"
Post Results Below:

Shit of the northstar
Shitting Masters
the shit of drunken master
the karate shit
around the world in 80 shits
shit in the eagle's shadow
Shit of fury


[10] Knight
The Dark Knight Shits
Ender's Shit
Brokeback Shit
The Hunger Games: Catching Shit
Dr. Shit
Austin Powers in Shitmember
Live and Let Shit (Fall)


[14] Master
Ace Ventura: Shit Detective
Ace Ventura: When Nature Shits
Beauty and the Shit
Snow White and the Seven Shits
Shit With the Wind
The Good, the Bad, and the Shit
The Rocky Horror Picture Shit
Shit Wars: A New Shit
Shit Wars: The Empire Shits Back
Shit Wars: Return of the Shits
The Unshittables
The Godshitter
Shit to the Future
Teenage Mutant Shitting Turtles
Shit Hard
Shit Hard 2 (Shit Harder)
Shit Hard with a Vengeance
Shit Free or Shit Hard
A Good Day to Shit Hard
Rambo: Shit Blood Part II
The Shitbusters
Raiders of the Lost Shit
Indiana Shits and the Temple of Shit
Indiana Shits and the Shit Crusade
Indiana Shits and the Kingdom of the Crystal Shit
X-Men: Shit Class
Forrest Shit
Jay and Silent Bob Shit Back
Shit Park: Bigger, Longer, and Unwiped
Despicable Shit
Talladega Shits
The Anchorshit
History of the Shit: Part 1
House of 1000 Shits
Night of the Living Shit
World Shit Z
The Shit Identity
The Shit Supremacy
The Shit Legacy
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Shits
The Shit and the Furious
Shit in 60 Seconds
The Italian Shit
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[09] Warrior
Shit on a Hot Tin Roof
Shit-hand Luke
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Shit
The Maltese Shit
Shit of Legend
Shit Kong
The Jurassic Shit
Under Shit
House of Flying Shit
A Dangerous Shit
Driven to Shit
Today You Shit
Out for Shit
Into the Shit
Free Shitty
Passion of the Shit
Shithog Day
James Bond: The Shit is Not Enough
James Bond: Shitraker
Maria Full of Shit
My Big Fat Greek Shit
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Shit
Shithikers Guide to the Galaxy
Shits of a Plane
The Wizard of Shit
The Shit Whisperer
The Last Shit on Earth
Night of the Living Shit
There is Something About Shit
Kiss Me Shit

And my personal favorite................
Shit Mountain
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[10] Knight
The Lord of the Shits: The Fellowship of the Shit
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Shit
The Shits of March