Rock's Command Grab?


[11] Champion
So Rock's command grab...I can't find a use for it. Does less damage than normal grab on guarantee and the 2nd hits avoidable if charged. I've been told it's great but I can't find the application. I heard it has a JF version which is what you're aiming for but I can't figure out how to do it if there is one.


[10] Knight
Yeah you need the JF to get the inescapable ground stun. The timing is something like releasing the charge when opponent hits the ground, although TV mileage may vary.


[09] Warrior
The command for the JF throw is 63214 [B+G] you have to release B or B+G when the mace passes Rock's face. You can techtrap with 4 A+B ; CT ; 1A or go for easy damage with 6B+K.

Hard but rewarding is JF-Dash, HTT. Easier if the opponent techs sideways.