RudderbuttCos's SCV Created Characters Showcase (FINAL LIST)


[09] Warrior
Here is my FINAL list of my creations in Soul Calibur V. Some of the characters are my very own character ideas from my own original game/book ideas, cameo/guest characters from other titles/games and original outfits for the original Soul Calibur characters, please enjoy :D

1. Chris (Soul Calibur III Outfit) - Human
1. Chris.png

*This is a recreation of what Chris looked like in Soul Calibur III: Weapon Style of Choice: Grieve Edge

2. Alexander (Silver Fang Costume) - Human
2. Alexander.png
*The Silver Fang character is an original comic book hero read by my character Alexander in my game idea Calamity Clash, this is an idea of what the character looks like from the comics

3. Elizabeth - Human
3. Elizabeth.png

*This is Elizabeth's Soul Calibur V outfit, in the previous Soul Calibur games, I made her look like a ninja wearing the fox mask, hoping to see what CaS has in store if it returns in Soul Calibur VI, I might make her a ninja again

4. Kitsune - Human/Animal
4. Kitsune.png

*Calamity Clash character: Kitsune used to be human until he was attacked by a fox in the woods. After the encounter, he transformed into an anthro fox and became Kitsune; he can still transform back into his human form by controlling the fox inside of him. He did wear a half mask of a fox till he could control the fox. Kitsune used to live in Aren City, he just moved to Yoshimasa for other reasons. He fights in his fox form in an outfit that resembles a fox’s body and his gloves and boots look like a fox’s paws and have claws on them. His fighting style is ninjutsu and uses two kunai in battle. He vanquishes demons and other entities that aren’t of this world. Kitsune is 25; Kitsune’s real name was Derrick

5. Alex - Human
5. Alex.png

*Calamity Clash character: Alex is 25-years-old and his best friend, Julia goes to the same college in Aren City as him. Alex likes to fight wearing a coyote mask and tail

6. Julia - Human
6. Julia.png

*Calamity Clash character: Julia is Alex’s best friend and they go to the same college in Aren City. Julia and Alex like to spar together during their free time and sometimes between classes just for fun; Julia is 23

7. Jaguar - Human
7. Jaguar.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Jaguar is a 27-year-old ninja that hides his face with a jaguar mask (hence the name Jaguar). His real name is unknown and is mostly silent and rarely speaks at all. He fights with two kunai and lives in Bìhai; Jaguar is a recreation of the character of the same name I first made in Soul Calibur III

8. Tiger - Animal
8. Tiger.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Tiger is an anthro, 19-year-old tiger and the guardian of the Tiger Shrine, where he guards it from enemies

9. Dante - Animal
9. Dante.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Dante is also 19-years-old, but he is an anthro cheetah and has a friendly rivalry with Tiger. Lastly, this character has lightning-fast reflexes/speed

10. Carrie - Human
10. Carrie.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Carrie is a 17-year-old steampunk, who works in the clockwork business; I picture her wielding a giant cogwheel in my fighting game and having an energetic personality

11. Coyote - Human
11. Coyote.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: This 14-year-old thinks he is a superhero and calls himself Coyote (Real name: Billy). He dreams of being a real crime-fighter one day and does whatever it takes to keep his city safe from bad guys. Outfit was inspired by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

12. Justin - Animal
12. Justin.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Justin is the 21-year-old captain of the guard at Frostshire Castle. Justin fights with a short sword and shield in battle and has a serious attitude, but he can be playful at sometimes

13. Robin - Animal
13. Robin.png

*Secrets of Wintermore character: Robin is a 20-year-old fox and leader of the alliance in Wintermore known as The Silent Warriors

14. Morgan - Water Nymph
14. Morgan.png

*Secrets of Wintermore character: Morgan is also a member of The Silent Warriors; Morgan can use the elemental magic of water and can speak to all creatures of the deep

15. Daisy - Human
15. Daisy.png

*Ultimate Battle Royale X character: Daisy is 30-years-old and runs a circus with unique people who all have amazing talents; she always dresses up as a white rabbit

16. UNKNOWN - ????
16. UNKNOWN.png

*Calamity Clash character: UNKNOWN uses the fighting styles and moves of all the playable characters in Calamity Clash -REVELATIONS- (the last game in the series); age, place of origin and species: unknown

17. Rai Kyuwa - Human
17. Rai Kyuwa.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: He is 16-years-old and is good friends with a 24-year-old anthro white rabbit named Hare. Rai calls himself the Golden Dragon

18. Fritz - Human
18. Fritz.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: This 20-year-old teenager is working undercover on a case dressed in a white cat suit named Fritz he "borrowed" from a carnival; he wields sword, so it kinda gives him away; Real Name: Classified (even though some people know it's really him)

19. Rahmiel - Angel
19. Rahmiel.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Rahmiel is an angel warrior who watches over Arabella; she hates the demon, Sin

20. Arabella - Human
20. Arabella.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Arabella is the 20-year-old princess of the kingdom of Deria and is under the protection of the angel, Rahmiel

21. Triston - Angel
21. Triston.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Triston is the trainer to all the angel warriors and follows Rahmiel, because sometimes he has to keep her in line and focused while she is suppose to be keeping watch on Arabella

22. Xander - Human
22. Xander.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Xander is the 21-year-old friend of Arabella and happens to be one of the King's guards; he's been Arabella's friend since childhood

23. Safiya - Human
23. Safiya.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Safiya is a 33-year-old street rat who only cares for herself and likes to be left alone

24. Ghostshadow - Human
24. Ghostshadow.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Ghostshadow is a 40-year-old assassin and uses dark magic and knives; I imagine him to have his right eye showing peering out from the bandages and it glows purple and his clothes are torn and tattered and his bandages look stained by dirt and show some wear to them

25. Mira - Spirit
25. Mira.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Mira is the spirit of the 18-year-old girl, Mira seeking revenge on the one who killed her; some say that the glowing ball is the spirit of her mother who helps guide Mira towards finding the one who killed her entire family so that they can rest in peace

26. Horus - Animal God
26. Horus.png

*Horus is my own original character: Horus is based on the Egyptian God who is the protector of the ruler of Egypt

27. Ryuu - Animal God
27. Ryuu.png

*Ryuu is my own original character: Ryuu is a Japanese Dragon God who protects all of Ancient Japan

28. Reynard - Animal
28. Reynard.png

*Calamity Clash character: Reynard is a DLC character in the last Clash game -REVELATIONS-; he is 26-year-old anthro fox and a skilled sword and shield wielder

29. Seth - Human
29. Seth.png

*Ultimate Fighter character: Seth is a 37-year-old knight who is a newcomer in Ultimate Fighter 2; he accompanies the exorcist Susan on her many quests to cleanse the world of demons

30. Amy - Human
30. Amy.png
*Endorheart Chronicles character: Amy is the 24-year-old magician in training; she is very good friends with Arabella

31. Sofia - Human
31. Sofia.png
*Sofia is my own original character; Sofia is a 40-year-old knight

32. Phoenix - Human
32. Phoenix.png
*Calamity Clash character: Phoenix is a newcomer to Calamity Clash in the third game Chronicles; she is a 30-year-old warrior princess

33. Sir Isac - Reanimated Skeleton
33. Sir Isac.png
*Elderfalls Judgement character: Sir Isac is the reanimated skeleton of himself, Isac seeks revenge for being double-crossed by his own King and won't rest till he slays the traitorous King

34. Viper - Human
34. Viper.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Viper is one of Ghostshadow's followers; she is 33-years-old and uses venom dark magic and a poisonous bladed whip/sword

35. Sin - Demon
35. Sin.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Sin is the thorn in Rahmiel's side; Sin is a trickster and does whatever he can to make her mess up while she watches over Arabella; Sin sometimes has a soft side (but that is very rare)

36. Ein - Spirit Animal
36. Ein.png

*Calamity Clash character: Ein is a spirit animal that resembles a Shiba Inu and follows Kitsune around as a spirit guide (he mostly appears in the Demon and Spirit Worlds). Ein appears as a newcomer in Calamity Clash -REVELATIONS-

37. Rupert - Human
37. Rupert.png

*Rupert is my own original character: Rupert is a 20-year-old who dresses up as a tiger warrior and protects the bamboo jungles of Ancient China; he's kinda like Kitsune in a way, only he is human 24/7, he is American though, just somehow ended up being a protector of the animals that live in the bamboo jungles

38. Yuki - Human
38. Yuki.png

*Yuki is my own original character: Yuki is a 45-year-old ninja who fights off demons and uses ice magic; she also wields one sai (she has two, but prefers using only one, unless she really needs to use both)

39. Mai - Human
39. Mai.png

*Mai is my own original character: Mai is a ronin; she is 46-years-old

40. Emily - Human
40. Emily.png
*Emily is my own original character: Emily is a 20-year-old warrior

41. Lin - Human
41. Lin.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Lin is 20-years-old and wields her father's naginata and tries to find him. This is not how I really picture her to look: I see her with a longer ponytail and longer side bangs, the red on the sides of her pants go all the way to the belt, the belt is a little bit lower and the shirt kinda looks like that, but the design looks more like a circle that becomes a triangle point and she wears a band around her head that holds the "V" decoration in place

42. Elyse - Human
42. Elyse.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Elyse is a energetic/cheerful/clumsy 18-year-old magician who loves rabbits and enjoys turning people and animals into rabbits; she wields her magic wand in battle

43. Connor - Animal
43. Connor.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: Connor is an anthro artic fox and is a lone wolf type of animal; he is kind-hearted, he just prefers to be alone; he is 14-years-old

44. Felix - Human
44. Felix.png

*Felix is my own original character: Felix is a 20-year-old jokester and is usually always seen in his cat suit; he's just a lovable, big softie who likes to have fun

45. Teddy - Animal
45. Teddy.png

*Endorheart Chronicles character: He is a 20-year-old blue wolf and a cowboy at heart; he's always there to lend a helping paw too; he isn't fond of bad guys

46. Sly Cooper (Cameo/Guest) - Animal
46. Sly Cooper.png

*My take on creating Sly Cooper

47. Fox McCloud (Cameo/Guest) - Animal
47. Fox McCloud.png

*My take on creating Fox McCloud from the 1993 game Star Fox

48. Aeon (Costume Edit) - Animal
48. Aeon.png

*The story behind this look is that it features my 3 favorite colors: blue, orange and white; I use these colors a lot when I make something featuring my otter fursona Bernard and since Aeon is an animal, I thought I would give him my favorite colors :3

49. Pyrrha (Costume Edit) - Human
49. Pyrrha.png

*I really love how this turned out :) I was going for a Renaissance kind of look

50. Patroklos (Costume Edit) - Human
50. Patroklos.png

*Since his outfits seem to have a lynx on them, I figuered I would give him a big-cat look, I like how this turned out too :3

Thanks for viewing :D Comments and feedback on some of the designs are more than welcome :D I can't wait to see what Soul Calibur VI has in-store :D :D :D :D :D
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