character creation

  1. F

    FreeMeal's SoulCalibur 6 Creations (with some SC5, perhaps)

    So, I want to make a thread where I actually post things, instead of just complain. Since I usually do re-creations (often requests), if, for he time being, that SC5 would be better suited for it, then I may opt for that, instead. BUT, I will prioritize SC6 and make a good, honest effort with it...
  2. F

    SC6: Issues with Stickers and other things.

    Okay, so, this is more of an article to be posted on the soulcalibur and producer's twitter so they know these issues and hopefully address them in a future patch. Feel free to add issues that aren't here, or talk about your feelings on the matter, though. While there are some 'nice to have'...
  3. mokamoka827

    Moka's CaS gallery

    So after 6 years I finally got around to taking screenshots of the characters I've made in CaS! Probably a good thing I took this long, actually. Took me a while to get the hang of SC5's system lol Some of them are better than others, of course. Also, a few of the characters blinked when I took...
  4. Kai_lombax

    My CAS from SC3 & SC4

    Just thought I'd share some of my old characters I made from back in the day for Soul Calibur 3 & Soul Calibur 4 but I also included a video where I showcase some of my characters from Soul Calibur 5 as well. I have tried having some continuity with the characters I made adapting and updating...
  5. RudderbuttCos

    RudderbuttCos's SCV Created Characters Showcase (FINAL LIST)

    Here is my FINAL list of my creations in Soul Calibur V. Some of the characters are my very own character ideas from my own original game/book ideas, cameo/guest characters from other titles/games and original outfits for the original Soul Calibur characters, please enjoy :D 1. Chris (Soul...
  6. Hanzo Ibuki

    My Soul Edge/Soul Blade Character Creations

    Here are my character creations based around the original fighters of Soul Calibur's predecessor fighting game, Soul Edge/Soul Blade. I've gotten a few of the fighters done including a bonus fighter Han Myeong who was seen in Hwang's ending and is the father of Seung Mina. The only characters I...
  7. Kai_lombax

    Tekken Character Creation, Thoughts?

    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to share this video I made awhile back explaining why I'd love to see character in a future Tekken game. I'd love to have a discussion on this if you're open but for now, I hope you enjoy the video!
  8. Kai_lombax

    Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation Improvements Video

    Hey there guys, this was just a remake of a video I made last year. I'm still pretty much into Soul Calibur's character creation and we most likely will be getting Soul Calibur 6 for the PS4/Xbox One so I decided to remake the video because I feel my editing skills have improved. For any of...