SC2 Kilik's ATER


[10] Knight
I have found a correct input way for Kilik and Mina's ATER. And I think Kilik and Mina's Attack Throw are so interesting and deep. I will show you how to apply it into your gameplay.

1A+B and 3A+B are Kilik's Attack Throw (AT). ATE is stand for Attack Throw Escape (breaking throw). ATER is stand for Attack Throw Escape Recovery (breaking throw recovery). ATE is not equal ATER.

For Kilik and Mina's side, the correct way to do is to input any directional buttons in special windows such as 65, [6] and 6[6] after Attack Throw Escape. For example, if you want to do ATE>ATER>free 3B, you need to input [3] in special windows to activate ATER and then mash [3]BBB.., then you will have a free 3B. If you input [3] too early, it will not work. Kilik and Mina's Attack Throw Escape Recovery can have maximum 24 vulnerable frames advantage against to opponent, on the other words, you can do a free 6A+K, 88B and 6K after an ATER. Sounds broken? Actually, it is not. The tricky part is next. Opponent is not allow to do ATER here, but he can break throw in different timing to get different number of frame disadvantage. There are 10 frames breaking windows in this AT. If opponent breaks the throw in 1st windows and you did ATER, opponent will get -24 frames disadvantage. If opponent breaks the throw in 10th windows and you did ATER, opponent will get -14 frame disadvantage that only allow you to do a free 3K. So when an opponent mash a button to break throw, he is easier to get earliest breaking windows and -24 frame disadvantage. Therefore, the opponent have to time the later breaking windows to get less frame disadvantage, but he probably will miss the input windows if he time it too late.
In addition, when you buffer the free move, the timing doesn't affect the advantage. However, you have to make sure you buffer it into a right windows (I guess around 15 frames depends on which directional input). Mostly, buffer it in the latest windows is better. However, each directional input have different input windows that you have to figure it out by yourself.

Frame data of these AT:
1A+B and 3A+B - Impact frame is i23.
2nd hit of the throw animation - 27th frame
3rd hit of the throw animation - 40th frame
ATE's windows - 40th to 50th frames (breaking throw windows)
ATER's windows - 64th frame is the earliest input frame of ATER. Try to do the ATER and buffer in the latest input windows that will give better result.
****** If oppoenent break the throw in the 50th frame, the ATER's windows will be delay 10 frames.

Mina's AT has the same property as like Kilik's. Have fun.
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