SC2 Netplay via Dolphin Emulator


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EDIT BY ADMIN: Please join the following Discord group in order to arrange matches with people for SCII Netplay (the community is currently using Dolphin version 5.0-3220).

Here's a quick guide to getting yourself started with playing SC2 online (GameCube version) with the Dolphin emulator.

Things you'll need:

Extract the Dolphin .7z file into a folder of your choosing, along with the

Open Dolphin and click on Config

On the first tab, make sure you enable cheats. This is so we can unlock all the characters later.

On the GameCube tab, disable both memory cards, as this can cause a desync.

On the Paths tab, locate the folder in which you extracted the SoulCalibur 2 ISO to and add it. Mine is just there as an example.

Now click OK and let's go to graphics options. Set your fullscreen resolution to your monitor's native resolution/desktop resolution, and your aspect ratio to Force 16:9. SC2 has the option in game to change aspect ratios, so we might as well take advantage of that. Fullscreen is preferred for performance issues, so check the box for that. Show FPS is optional, but helpful if you're trying to tweak graphics settings.

If you have a lower end CPU/GPU, you can leave the enhancement settings alone, but if you have a more powerful machine you can crank up the internal resolution to make the game look very pretty. Ideally you want to be able to maintain a constant 60FPS, so adjust as necessary.

Now to configure your controller or keyboard. Remove all other controllers/wiimotes except for GameCube Port 1 and config the buttons to your liking. (Remember to re-add Controller 2 if you want to play Offline VS.)

By default, the button layout is as follows:
A = A
B = G
Y = B
X = K
Z = A+B+K

If you're accustomed to playing on a PlayStation controller, use the following configuration as your default controls:

Almost done! To ensure you have the correct ISO of the game, we want to right click on SoulCalibur 2 in the list of games and select Properties.

Under the info tab, you'll see MD5 and a blank space. Hit the compute button next to it, and it should match this one: 0c8ec93f3f4f4e00d5a46443225c169c

Now we just need to fully unlock the game. Please note, if both players have not correctly done this step, the game WILL desync almost immediately. Go to the AR Codes tab, and click add. Choose a name for the code and paste 00402160 00011303 in the code box.

Add another code and paste this in the box:
003EDCF7 0000003C
003EDCEB 00000003
002D3A9C 00000001

These will force the game to start with our community settings (60 seconds rounds, 3 rounds per set and auto widescreen), making you able to jump straight to versus mode without having to navigate in the menus every time you start the game.

The game will still show the default options of 2 rounds and all, but they will be disregarded to always force the wanted settings.

And that's it for the initial setup. Keep in mind that these settings will persist even when we update Dolphin versions, so thankfully you only have to do this once. At this point you probably want to go ahead and launch the game to ensure your controller/graphics settings are correct and that all of the characters are unlocked.

How to Netplay:

Go to Tools, Start NetPlay on the main Dolphin window. Make sure you select "Traversal" in the top left corner and enter a nickname. The hosting player just needs to select SoulCalibur 2 from the game list and click host. Once there, you can copy your host code to the clipboard and paste it to your opponent. They will then enter it on the Connect tab and click Connect.

We have yet to find the proper buffer settings for SC2, a good rule of thumb is 1 buffer per 10ms of ping, though it might be fine tuned. Basically increase it until your game runs perfectly smooth, while keeping it as low as possible.
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Any controller that your PC recognizes should work.

XB360/XB1 pads.
Madcatz/Qanba/Hori (360/PS3/PS4) sticks.
PS2 pads/sticks with a USB adapter

PS3/PS4 pads will require special drivers.


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The PS3/PS4 pads are very easy to use on PC. Just download either DS3 or DS4 respectively and make sure you have 360 drivers installed.


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I remember we tried doing this once in a massive PM and it was a mess. Then again, it was SC1 on MAME that we were trying to run IIRC.

How's the lag in this? It can't be worse than SCII HD Online Kappa


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People within 3-5 hours of you will more than likely feel pretty close to offline. I've had EC to WC matches that were quite playable, and better than anything I ever experienced on SC2HDO.


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Just a reminder for someone with this same issue, my emulator can not run at the first run.
However, it run after I updated my video card driver.

My opinion on SC2HD:
I hate SC2HD because it gave me a bad experience through the crubby game mode and annoying netplay. I think that make people missed totally what the true SC2's spirit is and how deep the game is. Also, SC2HD has more bugs than the original SC2. I do not recommend to play on SC2HD.
Anyway, I love those sexy movesets on every characters in SC2. =)
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Just I found out some good functions in SC2 Dolphin. It is "TAS Input" and "Frame Advance". Just set a hot key for "Frame Advance". You can test any moves, combo and mystery strategy frame by frame with several controllers port together. That compliments the weakness of SC2 practice mode. That can help new players to test combo and faster to pick up the core of the game.
I'm so happy about SC2 finally has a good training mode in Dolphin.