SC6 Xianghua Frame Data draft


[09] Warrior
Hello, guys! I am X main, and made a SC4 X frame data post years ago. I am very happy for the launch of SC6 that I spend a few hours to make a X Frame Data draft. I know some of the numbers did need more test to make it 100% accuracy. But I can`t wait for the programmer to get the direct frame data from the files. So I test them in the classic and stupid way.


If you guys want to test how fast a move is of the other character. For example, to test Sieg 3B. Let AI X use B, than 3B. You control Sieg to get hit than 3B. You found X 3B beat Sieg 3B. Than means, we need a slower X move, such as 3B+K. Try second time, 3B+K and Sieg 3B crash each other. So Sieg 3B is the same speed of X 3B+K, is i17. With X speed frame data, is very easy to pick out the other move speed of different characters now.
That is the draft X-D I would double check the numbers tomorrow. See you guys and enjoy the game.
About the speed of X CE. I tested her CE is i12 at the beginning. But the move is very tricky. While X CE again a i11 or i12 move. The i11 or i12 move would stop X CE to active. In additional, X CE could beat a i13 move. It seems that the move is i12.

However, I found her CE could punish a block-11F move. X`s 3AK and SXS A+B6 is B-11F, both of them could be punish by CE, and her A can`t. Thus my result is that her CE is i11, but the move that is the same speed or 1F slower could intercept the CE.

My theory is CE and the same speed/1F slower move can`t be trade each other. CE would lose.
Dunno if this is more appropriate for this thread or the moveset analysis, but I noticed our RE is safe and puts the blocker into FC which I think is worth mentioning. Not that you wanna throw it out wildly regardless. I assumed they were universal originally but Nightmare's appears to be unsafe. (Uncharged in both instances, of course)
I can't believe that they gave her a i11 CE. Is that mean X's CE a better punishment on unsafe moves than Sophitia's 236B?