SCV collectors edition UK/Europe/australia-cheaper than game

Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by kerrod123, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. kerrod123

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    i know there is already a thread made for a UK/europe collectors edition of SCV
    the site also says it is for the australia and new zealand too!
    however blackrosevale told me she got hers from this site
    and the price is only nearly £53! where as the price from game is £70!

    i think this is an awesome deal and £70 for the game is too dear when the american version is $80 it should be less than £70 for UK,i dont know how much it would be in euros sorry,but it woudnt be far off that price i imagine
    so i made this thread to help people out,since for now it has been rather hard to find the CE outside of the american release
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    Mage I'll make you submit!

    £70 in euro terms is probably about 80€
  2. Nightmare966

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    Ehh, expect those to be fixed soon lol

    Anyways, we pay 70€ for games on Mainland, and UK prices probably are what, 50£?

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