SCV Ivy FAQ & General Discussion


Ivy's not terrible in SCV by any means she's just nowhere near as strong as she was in IV which is why a lot of people view her as really bad now however she still possesses a lot of tools that she had in IV like her zone control and poking, it's still great. The only thing I miss from IV is the ability to switch between forms, it opened up a lot of options however that made her hard to learn how to counter.
So Ivy gets a free CE after GI'ing Viola's Jump K, Pat's Jump B or K, JS A, B (2nd hit), and JS K, Leixia's 8B+K, Jump A, B, or K, and 44K, Cervy Jump A or K, 44K, GDR, and iGDR, and Yoshi DGF A+B (inconsistent) and 33_99B series 3rd hit only (inconsistent). 100% guaranteed. She just grabs them out of the air.

Astaroth can do the same.
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