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The use of this directory is to discuss any random Ivy-related info. This is also the place to post any questions you may have. In an effort to keep this Soul Arena tidy - both in contents and visuals - you are kindly requested, to make your posts in their respective threads:

Main Contents:
(These folders contain basic information about Ivy)

List of all SCIV -> SCV changes.​

Compilation of guaranteed combos.​

Details about impact, frame advantages/disadvantages, safety/unsafety etc.​

Compilation of various tech traps.​

Soul Arena's Theater. The place to post and discuss any Ivy related videos and other medias.​

Official 8WR Ivy Wishlist
Community effort to give the game developers ideas on how the new Ivy should be like.​

SCV Ivy story, possiblilities and speculation
Discuss how the new Ivy should be like.​

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In general, most queries can be dealt with inside the basic threads already in existence; so please lean on the side of caution in Soul Arenas more than most when it comes to creating new threads. This isn't so much a new rule as an insistent delcaration to follow the existing rule on the matter.

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H :H: High Attack
M :M: Mid Attack
L :L: Low Attack
SM :SM: Special Mid Attack
SL :SL: Special Low Attack
TH :TH: Throw
UA :UA: Unblockable Attack
BE :BE: Brave Edge
CE :CE: Critical Edge
GC :GC: Guard Crush (Break)
GI :GI: Guard Impact
SS :SS: Special Stance Shift
AT :AT: Attack Throw
BT Back Turned (Turning)
FC Full (While) Crouching
WR While Rising (Standing)
WD While Downed
JMP While Jumping
MSH Hit Repeatedly (Mash)
~ (DL) Delayed Input
: (JF) Just Frame Input
* (OR) Interchangeable Inputs
TC Tech Crouch
TCS Super Tech Crouch
TJ Tech Jump
TJS Super Tech Jump
TS Tech Side
TP Teleport
JUKE Just Ukemi Oppurtunity
NC Natural Combo
NCC Natural Combo Counterhit
STN Unshakeable Stun
SHK Shakeable Stun
LNC Launcher
KND Knockdown
FRC Forces Crouch on Block
W! Wall Splat
C! Clean Hit
7 8 9 :7: :8: :9: up/back up up/forward
4 5 6 :4: :5: :6: back neutral forward
1 2 3 :1: :2: :3: down/back down down/forward
[7] [8] [9] :7h: :8h: :9h: up/back up up/forward
[4] [5] [6] :4h: :5h: :6h: back plus forward
[1] [2] [3] :1h: :2h: :3h: down/back down down/forward
[A] :Ah: horizontal
[B] :Bh: vertical
[K] :Kh: kick
[G] :Gh: guard
A :A: horizontal
B :B: vertical
K :K: kick
G :G: guard
aA :aA:
aB :aB:
aK :aK:
aK :aG:
kA :kA:
kB :kB:
kK :kK:
kK :kG:
bA :bA:
bB :bB:
bK :bK:
bK :bG:
a[A] :aAh:
a[B] :aBh:
a[K] :aKh:
a[G] :aGh:
k[A] :kAh:
k[B] :kBh:
k[K] :kKh:
k[G] :kGh:
b[A] :bAh:
b[B] :bBh:
b[K] :bKh:
b[G] :bGh:
g[A] :gAh:
g[B] :gBh:
g[K] :gKh:
gA :gA:
gB :gB:
gK :gK:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Any general/random discussion goes here. This post shall be updated when the time comes.​

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[09] Warrior
Congrats to NoFace for taking 2nd in devistation tournament!

(hope it was okay to post this here, if not my bad Ring.)


[09] Warrior
How do we feel about are after seeing all of the videos?

Positive? Negative? People who have actually played her?

Do we think that there is still time before release for any major changes to her that could increase the fun factor? (Like getting back a stance, SE for example)
As an Ivy player, my feelings about her SCV version are kinda the opposite of SCIV.

On the aesthetic side, SCIV Ivy was quite the pinnacle of preposterous to me and I was very uneasy as to how she would look in SCV but the designers managed to surprise me in a pleasant way with what could possibly be her best design ever and Lani Minella is still delivering a work of great quality regarding Ivy's voice. So yeah, definitely satisfied on that point.

As to the technical side, her SCIV gameplay is easily the best she had in the series to me: most comprehensive moveset with a very intuitive way to switch stances, she was really interesting to play.
I feel they made a huge step back in SCV by reducing her whole moveset to one stance. I can understand that they did so because Ivy became more and more popular and not everyone could handle her style therefore they tried to make her more novice-friendly this time. But so far, I'm kinda sceptical.

In short:
aesthetically good, technically........mixed.


[09] Warrior
Her voice acting this time is much better than in 3 and 4.

I'm glad to have all of her moves accessible at once. I hated (read: absolutely hated) coil stance. I thought it felt and looked awkward. She didn't feel fluid to me in 4. She felt fluid to me in 2.


[09] Warrior
Don't hate me fellow Ivy fans but I've always wanted my favorite characters to be the type that most people want to use in tournaments where money/rep is at stake. So if an easier to use Ivy means seeing more Ivy's in tournaments and more Ivy's in tournaments getting into finals then I'm all for it. But based on the Ivy matches that have been recorded so far, she doesn't seem as dominating and/or as easy to use as Mitsurugi, Siegfried, or Natsu have been so it looks like there's still a challenge there, right?

Anyways, I'm not nearly as technical or good as most of you guys seem to be so obviously I'm for the new Ivy. SC4 Ivy became way too technical and tedious for me so eventually I switched to Sophitia. Still enjoyed watching Ivy matches and rooted for the Ivy player, especially know how difficult it was to use her.

Still, even if you're not liking the fact that she's less technical now, isn't there some redemption now that your moves/intentions won't be telegraphed anymore? Or that she won't find herself stuck in a position where she's two stances away from a move she really needs at the moment? Also, correct me if I'm wrong but unless you're in throw/CS/SS range, right now there doesn't seem to be much reason to block low against her. A sweep and a step is nothing compared to Mitsurugi being able to take a third of your life, for example. I hate having no really good high/low mixups.


[09] Warrior
The thing that i think alot of ppl are misunderstaing when other players say that want her stances back doesnt mean we want her to be unplaybly hard for someone who has never played her before. It just extra piece that is fun and not difficult ot do or understang if developed properly and understod with a bit or time and practice.Most players who have played Ivy in pervious SC's to 4 will agrre that Coil was an annoyance especially in the beginning because ppl were used to having 2-3 stances. After a while everybody just found out how to make it work. The expectation for Sc5 was to have Ivy back at 2-3 (I personally wanted 3 Wp/Sw/Se)stances which really wouldnt have been to difficult or techincal to get an at least basic understanding of with some time in training mode.

While I am not as happy with Ivy's Sc5 as i would have been had she had 3 stances, I dont think that her Sc5 variation is a failure(havent played the game to make that type of judgement). I do however feel that somethings are ineed of fixxing/replacing and re-storing to what they were in previous title's and hope that these things can be handeld by the the time of the games releases so Ivy will still be as fun as she was in previous games even though she is once again a diffent character.


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So if an easier to use Ivy means seeing more Ivy's in tournaments and more Ivy's in tournaments getting into finals then I'm all for it.
I don't think it works that way. In my opinion, easier to use Ivy means more people playing her. She will quickly become a widely known match-up and it's gonna be much more difficult to reach the finals with her.

Right now only a handful of people worldwide can use her on a very high level so it's very difficult to get a decent match-up experience against her. I believe that's one of the reasons why she is dominating so much.


[11] Champion
I don't think it works that way. In my opinion, easier to use Ivy means more people playing her. She will quickly become a widely known match-up and it's gonna be much more difficult to reach the finals with her.

Right now only a handful of people worldwide can use her on a very high level so it's very difficult to get a decent match-up experience against her. I believe that's one of the reasons why she is dominating so much.
This is truth. Doesn't help them too that not knowing Ivy means eating throws and/or mixups all day.

On-topic: I personally think that any call on Ivy's SC5 overall gameplay, whether good or bad, is jumping the gun. That's because the fighting engine has been so drastically overhauled that basic mechanics that wouldn't have worked in SC4 could suddenly be good in SC5. Same goes for good SC4 mechanics as well. I think we can all comment on individual moves and such, but I'd discourage anyone to make judgement calls on Ivy's -- or any other character's -- to-be performance in SC5.

2 cents.


[09] Warrior
Ppl know the feeling they get when their beloved SC3 Taki/ Zasalamel turned out in SC4? Thats the feeling...

Altho, its nature for fighting game companies to balance chars, they remove a lot of stuff and start from scratch etc... Its just that... I dont want to be caught in this "phase" when the game is released lol.

They better make her interesting, atm she's like vanilla icecream made with 10% milk, 80% water and 10% sugar.


[09] Warrior
Well, what is the best way to make the Dev's understand this, that those who have played her so far feel that she is relatively boring? Are we still planning on submitting a "wish list" to them, has that already been done? etc.


[09] Warrior
I get them taking away move properties or adjusting them(though i dont agree with all these choices) thats to me is a trial an error kind of thing but removing FC 3B Wp/Sw is unessicary same with replacing Sw 66k with Wp/CL 66k amongst other things.


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The lack of SW FC3B and SW 66K really hurts. These were some of her best moves. Hopefully they are still there, but under a different input.
It's already on the list. SC4 WS B's input has changed and it's now FC 1B. Also, 8B+K has been removed, there is only 6B8.
Iight let me delete that post then. (That shows my newness to this lmao)

That's fine. I undeleted your post, though. It will serve as a reminder of her different inputs.