SCVI Gallery: Working Toward Progress


[08] Mercenary
Hi all!

Just trying my hand at character creation; you can expect mostly OCs from me. I'm still learning and look forward to the feedback from all of the veterans here! Sorry about the image quality if anything seems a little unclear.



Here is the protagonist of a story I am planning. He is a military veteran who becomes a demonologist/paranormal investigator after his unit was attacked and killed by a group of demons. The setting is supposed to be sometime between 1890 and 1910. I feel his bottom half may be a little plain.





A consumer of souls; Ralcibez is your stereotypical "sell you soul for a wish" demon. He was the protagonist of an old story I wrote, where most of the human race was wiped out nuclear war. In the hopes of restoring the population of souls, in order to feast, Ral decides to help the humans get back on their feet.


[14] Master
Hi, not a bad start...yes they feel a little plain because nothing really stands out, my advice would be to work your way from the background story into the design, what i mean by that is if you go for a demonologist, which is a nice idea, then everything in your design should scream demonologist, like weird demonic stickers, a demon relic at his belt, some exotic or otherworldly looking pieces of equipment etc. I know there isn't a lot to work with but try combining stuff (ExEq) to construct something that will instantly capture the chtulu feel or whatever you are aiming at...
Btw, i was intrigued by your second picture which i saw first and wondering, hum, how was this gun built, because with the camera angle you chose, one can't see the rest of the Cervy weapons...If that's intentional, quite a good screenshot.
Your screen quality is OK to me, no worries.

Keep at it and think outside the box, but always with your thematics in mind
ps : your hat is kinda well done :)


[12] Conqueror
There are interesting things here. Zuri's right hand stands out- there's a story there and I think whatever thought process led you to that is worth revisiting. You've given him pretty strong wells to draw from too- the military background, the demon hunting, the time period- there's plenty to work with there and mixing all those elements together could provide massively different outcomes, depending on his personality. Is he compulsively tidy? Does he relish bathing in demon blood? Is he more cerebral or physical? Keep asking questions about the character and you'll get a stronger picture in your mind and once it's clicked, go nuts. There's no "right" answer to any of these questions, they just inform your design.

Ralcibez, as you've said, is a stereotypical soul sucking demon guy. There's a couple of things of note, though. Firstly, how does he acquire souls? Through his weapon? A trinket? His body? Is it something that could maybe be represented phsyically? The other thing- which may be tenuous- is snakes. He's got a snake circlet, his weapon is forked like a snake's tongue and he's got that leather strap wrapped around his torso- like a snake who just can't be arsed. The green skin, yellow eyes and leathery wings all feel a little reptillian, aswell. Facepaints might be worth checking out, if you want to build on that. Not entirely convinced of his sash- the colours might need tweaked. Try leaning into the snakeyness -or another theme you feel works- and see where it takes you. The suit is a good choice for a suave demon, btw.

Definitely stick with it, there's plenty potential.


[08] Mercenary
Back with some updates. Big thanks to both Vilarcane and Fliptop!




I tried to make use of the stickers I had to give him a somewhat eerie design on his undergarment. Since the front of his hat slightly covers his eye, I figured I should give it a reason to be covered as well.




Thanks to Fliptop's advice I decided to do more with his face. The clipping on the original sash was a bit annoying so I decided to just go with scales. Still could use some work I feel.



Here is Guamo, Guamo is here. Guamo claims to be a normal youth, however his snakelike appearance and obsession with the creatures is all but. It took a while to prevent the tails of the snakes from clipping like crazy on his neck. Yoshi's style works pretty well since I wanted him to be really weird and the poison mist is a plus.


[12] Conqueror
They're looking a bit stronger now. You've taken Zuri in a meaner looking direction than I expected! The white sleeves/vest combo suggested something quite different, to me atleast. The big trench coat, red eye and skull belt make him seem more of a brawler. The overall direction is more clear and it fits witch Cervates' brutal style, which is a good thing. The stickers on his chest look a little bright, though.

Ral's looking good too, I'll echo Spellcraft's compliment on the scale pattern/fauld combo. Seeing if you can blend items together in some way is a good habit to get into as it can make the more mundane items look more intricate than they actually are. This goes for patterns, colours and the extra equips as well. Speaking of colours, he's got quite a bit going on on that front. Just looking at him there's green, purple, yellow, red and blue- that's quite a lot of bright colours! Now he's a demon, so unusual skin and hair colour is to be expected, just be aware that when you're colouring his attire other bright colours might conflict. Try playing around with different shades/tones for things like clothing trim/metals etc. and see if you can get a sense of continuity. You've already got this in parts like the gold scaled waist / circlet and the white gloves / cravat / socks. Also maybe take a look at his legs and feet, there might be something you can use to better compliment his swanky jacket. Again, though, keep continuity in mind.

Now Guamo got my interest- nice makeup makes his face look really gaunt. I like the leg wraps too and his flag, which just looks like the skin of a giant snake he's taken to carry around...because he's a creepy snake loving weirdo. Also a good choice of moveset. I think it tends to be the last thing people consider- namely how the characters look in motion and how that can play a part in the design. This is probably because it's the hardest thing to convey through static screenshots. Nonetheless, I can totally picture this guy flipping around like a maniac and as you say, the poison spit fits him perfectly. A good strong concept to build on, for sure.


[08] Mercenary
It has been a while! Sharing a good number of creations utilizing various techniques I picked up from the great artists on the forum. Overall, a pretty big update (with more than just male characters this time); hope you guys see some things you like
I really did not care for this armor, so here is a joke character using it. Ruth is a minor villain of a current story I have going on, who is completely convinced of her jaw dropping beauty.

A short (he has the lowest height setting) executioner who enjoys pain as much as he enjoys giving it out. Mostly trying to pull off something with this weird headpiece


An edgy young mercenary who works in his older brother's group. After setting out on his own journey, losing to warriors stronger than him, and enduring grueling training; a great deal of Mikloyd's cockiness has left him. He is still a bit of an anti-hero however. He has the scoundrel voice of course



Just my attempt at a young ronin who once belonged to a kabukimono. Mostly messing around

My attempt at making a "drunken master." Tao is a very short, rarely sober, hot-headed martial artist who currently journeys to simply try different types of alcohol.



One of the main characters of something new I've been working on. A young entertainer who travels to poor/rundown villages and tries to lift their spirits with free shows. She hopes that one day she can become famous enough to even entertain the bigwigs of the kingdom. Overall she is quite eccentric and loves to gamble



Really loved Umbra's scar tech, so I wanted to give it a shot.


Another main character, Dreon is a war sorcerer who forms various different weapons in combat. He manifests his armor when a battle begins and dispels it when finished. I haven't quite come up with a good alternate for him quite yet.


A little messy but she is probably my favorite of the batch of these MCs. Vidushi is an explorer and archaeologist of Indian heritage who recently stumbled upon a ziggurat in a which foretold that the end of times is approaching.








[14] Master
Now we're talkin' :)
I like this batch a lot...clear themes, readable CAS with creative use of ExEq, sometimes cleverly combined ! I think the Vidushis are great and probably the most original ones to me. You have progressed that's for sure.


[13] Hero
Ruth is the WORST thing i've seen in lot of time. Worst in the good sense I mean. Specially the face, the accessories totally looks as part of the face, its really impressive.


[08] Mercenary
Most impressive work with this large batch my friend :D! That´s a lot of characters for one batch. All of them have their clear colour themes and some of them really stand out and yes, Ruth is one of them, not the most usual way XD. The equipment choices on all of them work nicely together and you seem to also have become more bolder with the use of ExEq like with Vidushis hat and Ruths face. My personal favorites are Tao and Vidushi :). Clever use of ExEq with Taos alcohol/sake bottle and Vidushi with her alternative costume is nice sight to watch ;).

You have evolved and improved towards very good direction :). Keep up the good work ;).