SCVI Inferno Edits


[06] Combatant
I'm lazy, so I just dressed up Inferno as Nightmare practically as-is.

When coloring the Siegfried equivalent parts, I determined (for myself, at least) that 6,38:3 was the closest match to Nightmare's equipment, with 11,2:9 for the scarf.

Someday I may try and edit out the "Soul Charge" indicator on the side (would be nice if we could turn 'em off in Training's "display" settings).

I still find it amusing that Nightmare rides a nightmare. 😏

And this costume is even lazier!

Granted, Nightmare's SoulCalibur IV 2P armor fits Inferno really well:

I couldn't bring myself to make a "Malfested (Fully Transformed)" version since it wouldn't have Nightmare's voice, and Nightmare himself no longer has that monstrous form… so why not Zoid, er, Inferno?

I technically have a third Inferno costume wearing the cat ears and blue surcoat, designed to serve as my in-game profile photo.
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