[Seattle, WA] Ragin' in the Rain


[10] Knight
Fuck. Okay, so who IS going today? Post up now. Also to east side fools: last chance for free parking. Text or call me if you want to carpool. My num is: for-to-five five-sevn-sevn nein-for-oh-five. (that's spambot protection, sorry)

If nobody says anything in the next few hours I'm seriously going to have to consider not going. I don't want a repeat of Thursday, when it was just Cam and me and nobody else. Aside from Brian nobody was there last night at GO's either. Don't like to waste money on gas and tolls if y'all are bailing.


[08] Mercenary
Hey, will there be casuals this friday's at GO's? I'd like to go if there is, and this time, I'm actually -not- going to be totally upset and stuff >:( Well, so I hope.


[08] Mercenary
Hey everyone some of y'all may know me as Eric/Sunny and seen me around the SRB or Lunchbox Lab in the same corner where non-Capcom/KOF games are played at Spitfire. I have a casual interest in SCV and some of the MK players feel the same way as well.


Every 2nd and 3rd Fridays we get together for casuals at Gameclucks and y'all are more than welcome to join us. You will have to bring your own setups like us but there's enough space for us to play our games there!


[09] Warrior
blaccy: not sure, have to hear from john whether he's able to host. hopefully the answer is yes, though

sunny: awesome, always glad to have more interest in the game! fridays are usually our casual meetup day in ballard, but we'll see what we can work out.

john: should i drop by at 5 to go to gc like normal today?


[08] Mercenary
What Zig said!! Namco is giving up some swag for those who Pre-register as well as some prize give aways for top placings and raffle!!


[09] Warrior
i think gamebreakerz is unfortunately a little too far for most of the seattle\eastside guys. afaik though thursday gameclucks and friday at greatone's are still happening this week, although i'll be out of town thursday and won't be able to make it to gameclucks.


I Knew It!!!
Zig and Greatone why you never reply my messages on PSN :(
you guys not into online things?
I did reply! Just really late as I only saw it last night. Lol. Sorry Yassir. I'm really bad at PSNing. There's no tone or anything and if your not paying attention you'll miss any kind of message.

Also, once again I won't be able to make it to GameClucks this week but I'll be hosting definitely. It'll probably be one of the last gatherings I have at the house as I'm currently working on moving everything out. Where I'll go I'm not sure yet but I definitely need to get out of here soon. So come one come all and lets do it right.