Seven's ultimate guide to Z.W.E.I.

Seven ate you

[08] Mercenary
Warning: I don't recommend reading this if you just want to learn the basics.

This entire guide is for simply giving you raw information and you do whatever you want with this information.

The parts bellow this is that's not in a "spoiler" is simply me showing how or why I'm organizing something the way I am.

Z.W.E.I. movelist: I'm organizing this the way the frame data does and I'm not listing obvious stuff the frame data does unless I think it's important. So I recommend you reading this part with the frame data. Example being AA being a high.

Z.W.E.I. Combos: This is going to be normal combos and combos that I deem to have a purpose if you manage to get the first hit and will be making other combos in the future.

Z.W.E.I. B+K BE mix-up: Simply all the situations I can find for it without needing to hit someone for a special situation.

A: can be used similarly as AA but doesn't have a second hit to whiff but it also doesn't have a second hit so less damage and also can be used practically at longer ranges than 2A because of these facts but does the same damage as 2A

AA: Can be used as a poke although the second hit whiffs at max range, also is a good alternative for 2A with extra damage and the same range but if you use it where you're opponent might think you'll use a mix-up, it might get ducked into duck punish.

[A]: Can be used as a pressure tool and a poke tool at intermediate to lower play but on higher levels it can be ducked on both normal hit and on guard but your rewarded op if you get it on CH with lots of frame advantage but sadly puts you at a distance reducing and pressure on guard or on hit you can do but you can use that to distance people.

6A: A good ranged poke that applys distance on both guard normal hit and a good wake-up and combo on CH but can be majorly whiffed punished and can be sidestepped in one direction if timed correctly.

3A: Everything like 3AA besides the BT on hit but you use this to mix-up your opponent's punish and possibly on some few match gain a punish of your own but no matter what on some match-ups it's a guaranteed punish.

3AA: Mainly used as a distancing move and a solid sidestep killer that gets a BT on hit but can be easily duck punished and the fact that's a slow move doesn't help.

2A: Since the person who made Z.W.E.I. was obviously drunk, it's a frame slower than other 2As which can be problematic if Z.W.E.I. is -1 but other than that don't be discouraged just because it's a frame slower, heck it even has move range than a good chunk of 2As.

1A: Only use for this move is to break your opponent's guard and do WR B but if you play against a advanced player than he'll jump it or interrupt it with a counter attack move.

4A: On high level play it can be used to bait a side step on guard but also in level play it can be punished if the bait isn't taken since its -16 but most of the time the bait is taken.

4[A]: On noob to intermediate level play it can be used as a pressure tool on guard which leads into a "attack or guard" mix-up but on higher levels of play can be sidestepped into a punish although the punish itself it hard to do, but on hit if you only slightly delay it you can get a free mix-up and a side note, on intermediate or lower level of play it can be used as a ranged poke tool but I don't recommend it because you can do something like 66A+B with the E.I.N. summon but each to their own although you can use this method to punish something like Cervantes' 6B+K.

FC A: It's just like 2A but requires you to be crouched obviously and has the speed of a normal 2A.

WR A: It's the slowest of his safe on guard WRs and is a horizontal medium with good range and it's faster than 3A and can be alternatively than 3A but to do that requires you to go to WR which will make it slower.

7/8/9A: If you want to jump do 7/8/9K but sidestep kills so if your ever in a crazy situation that you think your opponent will either do a low or sidestep than this is a good option.

BT A: Read BT 2A

BT 2A: BT 2A and BT A both have the same speed but BT 2A it +9 instead of the usual +8 because of the drugs the developer of Z.W.E.I. inhaled and is better on guard but just like the normal A and 2A BT A has more range.

B: On high level of play Z.W.E.I.'s weird BB mind game that's used to fake out you doing and having them sidestep or have them block because of the mind game.

BB: I honestly believe Z.W.E.I. has the best BB in the game because of its relationships with his other Bs, It has the same range and speed as normal BBs but can be used as a mind game, with this one in particular on high level of play you can use it to hit anyone attempting to JG the second hit of , but without the mind game itself it's probably the longest range/fastest move with Z.W.E.I. that doesn't lunge him forward with good speed.

[ B ]: On intermediate or lower level of play can be used as a poke and pressure tool but on higher level of play can be used as part of the mind game but on guard or hit it makes a distance so sadly reducing his pressure but can lead into his distancing game.

6B: Z.W.E.I.'s fastest viable move but sadly it's a high so it can be ducked but has a nice stun on CH that sadly doesn't combo.

3B: Can be used as a mix-up tool with grab that leads into a unique wake-up or decent damage.

2B: It's negative -2 on hit instead of the usual +2 on hit since the developer of Z.W.E.I. has a drug addiction and also unsafe on guard but can be used as a fake out for a low kick.

1B: Mainly used to bait out people who duck punish 1 mindlessly with a punishable move that isn't fast enough to punish this move. Example: Cervantes' WR B+K

1[ B ]: Mainly used as a pressuring tool and a combo starter but sadly can be duck punished and the higher skill level your opponent is, the more likely it is to be punished, also just like 4 it can be used as a distancing tool but just isn't something I'd recommend since it using a E.I.N. summoning although if you can manage to get it CH you can use it to combo.

4B: A alternative fakeout for a grab but only combos into 2K, 1K or 1K BE but can be done while FC.

FC B: Somehow 2B turned horrible but this didn't since it's actually POSITIVE ON HIT and safe on guard.

WR B: One of Z.W.E.I.'s amazing combo starters that has a uncommonly known BE combo option with 1K BE.

7/8/9B: It's beaten by 7/8/9K except your opponent does both a jumpable move and a tech duck.

BT B: Just like his B but no mind game and a frame slower.

BT 2B: This is just like 2B but a ENTIRE frame more positive just like 2A which the developer of Z.W.E.I. decided it was funny to give Z.W.E.I.

K: Just use 6B unless your against a Cervantes that likes his GI or any other similar situation if there's any.

6K: A slow kick that does okay damage but not for it's speed and doesn't combo but give distance at least.

3K: Can be used as a fakeout for 2K but 2B fakeouts better although 2B is just bad in my opinion.

2K: A standard low kick that's linear.

1K: Don't use at all

4K: Mainly used to mix-up the punish of 4KB

4KB: Has a knock down but unless you know it'll hit you might as well use BB.

FC K: A normal low kick

WR K: His fastest WR move

7/8/9K: Out of all his jumping moves this one has the most damage and frames on hit but lacks properties like step killer and unduckable

BT K: Use BT A instead

BT K: Since his back turned moves were give weird better framing, this is +2 on hit, so you can use it to mix-up in weird situations and trick opponents who don't know better or just catch your opponent of guard who plans on blocking BT A+B or whatever

A+B: I would call this a good poke if it wasn't unfairly given negative frames on guard, but still good for catching people off guard and good for when your at a good postion like near a edge or a wall.

6A+B: Z.W.E.I.'s amazing GI that has tons of range, if you master this than your distancing will improve a lot since you can use this to get long range mediums, 66BA for highs, and 9K for lows, also can be used for the normal GI and has the most damaging GI that covers all mediums.

4A+B: Don't use besides comboing

4[A+B]: Don't use besides comboing

8A+B: I lied about 9K being the most damaging the 7/8/9B being the only jumping medium but the jumping frames come out so late it doesn't matter.

BT A+B: Out of all his BTs, this has the most range that doesn't use E.I.N.

6B+K: A risky pressure tool on a higher playing level since your opponent can predict if you'll do the med and sidestep it or the high and duck it and they'll get more damage than you for being right or even choose to just block and if you choose a option then you get punished in certain match-ups and in others it's a trade but on a lower playing level it can be used as a really BNB pressure tool if you don't mind it being a high vertical for the first hit and not leading into a lot of damage.

K+G: Stops E.I.N. from doing whatever and is mainly used to catch people off guard but on higher levels they'll won't be fazed by it.

BT B+K: Uses a E.I.N. summon unlike BT A+B and is slower but it's safe on guard and combos unlike BT A+B.

77/88/99A: Mainly used to catch people attempting to sidestep 66A+B.

22/88A: A slow punishable move but it is a horizontal medium even if it stops one direction and it sidewalks and combos into "ehhhh" stuff but I don't personally recommend it.

11/44/77A: Mainly used as a backstep move but on intermediate or lower play it can be used as a mix-up tool.

66BA: Mainly used as a poke although if you don't get it to hit don't do the second part because it is duck punishable although on guard it provides distance on guard if you don't do the second hit.

33/99B: Mainly used when people flinch while your running.

22/88BB: Can only be comboed on CH and can theoretically be CH with distancing, it's easier said than done but you can use it to sidestep punish a move that takes a while to go into recovery frames.

11/44/77B: Mainly used for guard damage although it's REALLY slow and on intermediate and higher levels it'll most likely get punished.

11/44/77[ B ]: Same thing as the other version but it's for guaranteed damage but it's even slower.

33/66/99K: Sadly anything this does 66BA does better with the exception of this not being -12 so it's not punishable by certain CEs and JFT

22/88K: In my opinion Z.W.E.I.'s best sidestep move since it's neither extremely slow nor a CH combo with lots of variety of combos.

11/77K: Mainly used as a kick when someone is off guard and the lower the skill level your opponent is, the better this move is.

44K: Don't use.

66A+B: Z.W.E.I.'s signature move since it's positive on guard, provides distance and does lots of guard damage while doing more damage than most 66A+Bs although just like other 66A+B it's slowish and easy to sidestep although the second hit can save you if sidestepped.

66[A+B]: Same thing as 66A+B although 66A+B can be JGed or GIed on the second hit on guard and this is to prevent that.

66B+K: Z.W.E.I.'s best counter attack move that relies on jumping over your opponent 2D fighter style instead of being fast although EASILY punishable unless used with B+K BE or some wolf attack.

44B+K: A normal unblockable that you shouldn't use like most other ones.

running K: Like other running Ks, mainly to be used when your opponent drops his guard.

3A BE: Mainly use as a comboing tool although you could get away with using it raw like 3AA although it's even more punishable and you risk half a meter but you get the same damage as you would using it mid combo.

4B BE: Mainly used as a both a pressure tool similarly to Mitsurugi's 3B BE and a comboing tool.

1K BE: Mainly a combo extender but can be used as a pressuring tool but the second hit can be JGed on guard although it leads him neutral, Z.W.E.I.s neutral game isn't really worth the meter going into.

B+K BE: Mainly used when you predict what your opponent will do and the mix-up game with this is very complex but rewarding with tons of damage.

[B+K] BE: Same as B+K BE but mainly used with moves like 3AA.

66A BE: Mainly used as both a pressure tool and extra damage for 66A but rarely used because Z.W.E.I. has good pressure tools without meter and 66A is used rarely.

33/99B BE: Used for extra damage for 33/99B and ring out range and on beginner levels of play, can be used to fake out your opponent.

CE: Mainly used as extra damage or a extreme ranged whiff punisher.

A+G: Can used as a combo with good damage or wake-up.

B+G: Mainly used for a good wake-up with 2A or 2K for UK trap but if they UK backwards they'll still get hit by 2K but the wake-up will be worse for you but you may manage to get a backstep in to go back to distancing.

[B+G]: Mainly used for extra cheeky damage for B+G but will be hlocked by anyone that knows better or doesn't stop holding G in guaranteed combos.

All other grabs: Good damage and wake-up.

KF: Mainy used to fake-out KF B but doing KF A is better for that.

KF A: Used to fake out KF B and either make a failed JG attempt on KF B or catch a sidestep.

KF B: Mainly used as damage or guaranteed damage with E.I.N.

CH 6A < 66A+B
CH 6A < 1[ B ]
CH 6A < 1K BE
CH 6A < CE < B+K < 4A+B

Slightly held 4[A] < A+B
All the way held 4[A] < 4KB < 3B < A+B
All the way held 4[A] < 4KB < 3B < 1[ B ]
All the way held 4[A] < 4KB < 66BA
All the way held 4[A] < BB < CE < B+K < 4A+B

3B < A+B
3B < 1[A]

Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 66A+B
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 6A < 66A+B
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3AA < 1[ B ]
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3AA < 6 < 1K BE < 1 [ B ]
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3AA < 6 < 1K BE < A+B
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1[ B ]
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
Slightly held CH 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1K BE < A+B
All the way held 1[ B ] < 44A < 3AA < 1[ B ]
All the way held 1[ B ] < 44A < 3AA < 6 < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
All the way held 1[ B ] < 44A < 3AA < 6 < 1K BE < A+B
All the way held 1[ B ] < 44A < 3AA < 6 < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A < 3AA
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A < 66A
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A BE < [ B ]
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1K BE < A+B
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B
All the way held 1[ B ] < 3A BE < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

4B < 2K

WR B < BT B+K < BT A+B
WR B < BT B+K < G < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
WR B < BT B+K < G < 1K BE < A+B
WR B < BT B+K < G < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

22/88A < 1[ B ]
22/88A < 1K BE < 1[B ]
22/88A < 1K BE < A+B
22/88A < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

11/44/77A < 1B
11/44/77A < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
11/44/77A < 1K BE < A+B
11/44/77A < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

33/99B < 2K

CH 22/88BB < 1[ B ]
CH 22/88BB < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
CH 22/88BB < 1K BE < A+B
CH 22/88BB < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

44B < A+B
44B < CE < B+K < 4A+B

22/88K < 4KB
22/88K < [ B ]
22/88K < [A]
22/88K < 2A

66A+B < 4[A+B]
66A+B < KF B
66A+B < 1 [B ]

running K < 1[ B ]

3A BE < [B ]
3A BE < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
3A BE < 1K BE < A+B
3A BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B
3A BE < 1K BE < CE < B+K < 4A+B

1K BE < 1[ B ]
1K BE < A+B
1K BE < 1K BE < 1K BE < 1K BE < 1[ B ]
1K BE < 1K BE < 1K BE < 1K BE < A+B

66A BE < 66A+B
66A BE < 11K

CE < B+K < 4A+B

Hitting someone while they block: B+K BE < KF B
KF B bait: B+K BE < KF A < 66A+B
B+K BE bait into counter attack: B+K BE < 66B+K < BT A+B
B+K BE bait into sidestep: [B+K] BE < 22/88 < AA or 2A < 66A+B or 1A
Faster Sidestep killer: B+K BE < AA < 66A+B
More ranged medium sidestep killer: [B+K] BE < 3AA < 66A+B
Backstep and sidestep killer: B+K BE < 66A < 6 if 1Aing< 66A+B or 1A
Hitting someone on the ground: B+K BE < 1K < 66A+B or 1A
Low kick: B+K BE < timed 2K
Low kick fake out: B+K BE < 2B
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